StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel

StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel Chisel


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StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel Top Support Dolly

Top Support Dolly

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StewMac Bridge Plate Chisel

About This Item

Remove the bridge plate and protect the guitar top
Removing an acoustic guitar's bridge plate is tricky. After softening the glue with heat, it takes carefully controlled force to separate the plate from the delicate guitar top. At the same time, you must protect the top from cracking under pressure. Our Bridge Plate Chisel and Top Support Dolly work together to accomplish this.

It's a two-handed job: the reverse-bent chisel works under the back edge of the bridge plate to pry it free. The smooth polyethylene dolly in your other hand applies counter pressure from the outside, keeping the top wood from cracking.

  • 1" wide hardened steel chisel
  • 3" wide non-scratch polyethylene dolly
  • Comfortable grips on both tools

These tools are included in our Acoustic Bridge Tools Set, for removing and installing acoustic bridges and bridge plates (bridge pads).


Product Instructions

StewMac Acoustic Bridge Tools Instructions

These tools make difficult bridge repairs easier and more profitable.

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