Pickup Routing Templates for Humbucker

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Pickup Routing Templates for Humbucker For body rout

For body rout

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Pickup Routing Templates for Humbucker For pickguard rout

For pickguard rout

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Pickup Routing Templates for Humbucker

About This Item

Create perfectly shaped pickup cavities every time.

Accurate template placement is easy—crystal clear routing templates allow you to see the guitar body underneath. Simply align the template's laser etched centerlines with the markings on your guitar to get the placement right every time.

StewMac's improved templates are now thicker with smooth laser-cut edges. Correct depth measurements are etched right on the template, so you don't need to puzzle over cavity dimensions, we've done that work for you.

"These improved, thicker templates mean I don't have to shim or double up templates to get contact with the router bearing."
—Erick Coleman, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

Pickup Routing Templates for Humbuckers are for routing the body cavity and for the pickup cutout in the pickguard. Each sold separately.

  • Thickness: 3/8" (9.53mm)
  • Outer dimension: 5-7/8" x 3-7/8" (149.22mm x 98.42mm)
  • Clear acrylic
  • Laser etched centerlines and depth measurements
  • Countersunk holes for anchoring the template with flathead screws

Create precision cavities every time: Align the template's centerlines with those you drew on your guitar. All you need is Double-stick Tape to keep the template in place. Optional: use flat head screws dropped into the counter-sunk holes—the router glides right over them. Use the Bosch Colt Router to lower your Ball-bearing Router Bit into the wood and make several shallow passes until the bearing rides smoothly along the template edge. When the bearing can ride against the cavity wall, remove the template so you can rout to the recommended depth engraved on your template.

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Much better


Verified Buyer

I had bought the previous version of the humbucker routing template, and being new to the router at the time I managed to mangle it the first time I tried to use it. Now that some time has passed and I'm much more confident with a router, the thickness of the previous template wouldn't pose an issue, but these new templates are much better for the total noob