Truss Rod Wrench Set

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Truss Rod Wrench Set

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Truss Rod Wrench Set

Money-saving set of 17 for the repair shop. Our veteran guitar technicians developed these high quality steel wrenches.

You'll find the right tool you need to perform truss rod adjustments more efficiently. Our money-saving set includes durable bench tools for the repair shop, and pocket-size truss rod wrenches that fit into your guitar case.

Wrenches are also sold separately.

"These wrenches are great! They stay in my travel pack. When I meet artists/customers on the road, I have to be prepared for anything. I recommend this set to any pro tech."
—Kelly Butler, Manager and Chief Luthier, First Act

SAVE on the set of 17. Here's what you get:

(3) Hex truss rod wrenches: 10-3/4" (27.31cm) length keeps your knuckles safely away from the peghead. Comfortable rubberized handle. For 5/16" (Gibson), 9/32" and 1/4" hex nuts.
Hex wrenches are also sold separately.

(5) Allen truss rod wrenches: 12-1/2" (31.75cm) length gives plenty of peghead clearance. The Allen ball end also works at an angle, for getting into a recessed truss rod access cavity. Comfortable rubberized handle. For 1/8", 4mm, 3/16" and 5mm Allen nuts. Plus a 1/8" bent wrench for tuner clearance on 6-in-line pegheads.
Allen wrenches are also sold separately.

(5) Soundhole truss rod wrenches: Right-angle tools for easily adjusting an acoustic guitar neck through the soundhole. Comfortable rubberized handles. The Allen ball end lets you tilt the wrench for clearance over the top bracing when needed. The 4mm wrenches are for Hot Rod truss rods. Two 5mm wrenches adjust Martin guitars: the 2" (50.80mm) reach for pre-August 2007 Martins, and 4-1/2" (114.30mm) reach for Martins made after that date.
Soundhole wrenches are also sold separately.

Truss rod wrench for Fender: The 3/8"-wide (9.52mm) flat blade has the right taper and size to adjust a traditional Fender truss rod efficiently, without marring the nut. 10-3/4" long (27.31cm), with comfortable rubberized handle.
Fender wrench is also sold separately.

(3) Pocket truss rod wrenches: Compact tools with a 1-1/8" (28.58mm) "bullet" socket that fits into a recessed truss rod access cavity. For 5/16" (Gibson), 9/32" and 1/4" hex nuts.
Pocket wrenches are also sold separately.

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(Customer's Reviews)

Since I bought this set I always have the fitting tool for any trussrod and they are a breeze to work with.

If you have to do truss rod adjustments on a regular base these will make your life a LOT easier.


Truss Rod set - GREAT

(Customer's Reviews)

Stew Mac is great, period, but everyone knows that! Anyway, this Truss Rod set is great if you have multiple guitars and basses so you have all the options as you know, one truss rod wrench will not do it for all guitars. Definitely worth it - one shot deal. Thanks guys.


Truss Rod Wrench Set

(Customer's Reviews)

I already had a hodgepodge of truss rod wrenches as required for my repair business but I did need a few sizes that I did not already have. So I bit the bullet so-to-speak and ordered Stew-Mac's excellent truss rod wrench set.

These wrenches are excellent in all respects. The quality should last a life time and the designs clearly were well thought out as well.

I knew in advance that some of the sizes may not get very much use however there is an expectation when in the repair business that one is tooled-up for the job. Stew-Mac's truss wrench set is a fast and easy way to cover the bases and be prepared to adjust nearly any truss rod that comes my way.

Thanks Stew-Mac!


An excellent selection in a single kit

(Customer's Reviews)

I make no claims to be a professional guitar technician so I bought this kit to ensure that I would have whatever I needed when I needed it. Boy was I correct! When I received the kit, I looked at a couple of the pieces and said to myself "when will I use this" and then discovered within a week a need for that tool. Some folks say big kits are a waste and to stay specialized. I disagree. This is a great kit and will eliminate the "darn, I don't have the right tool for this truss rod" concern.

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