Tools for Building the Triple-O Guitar Kit

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"What tools do I need to build a kit?" Below, you can order the lutherie tools that kit builders find most useful. Select them all, or just the ones you need.

Router or Dremel? The Binding Router Bit and bearings listed are for use with a router (sold separately). If you rout your binding channels with a Dremel tool, consider our Precision Router Set.

A second list below contains other tools and supplies that you may already have. And always feel free to ask us what will work for you!

The following tools and supplies are recommended to assemble your kit. Though all of these tools aren't necessary to build your kit, they make many assembly steps easier and more professional. Tools available at are linked for more information.

Tools and supplies

3/4" plywood workboard
24" x 20"

Titebond glue

Weld-On Cement

Super Glue
#10 Thin and #20 Medium

Glue brushes

Double-stick tape

Draftsman's tape (low tack)

Masking/binding tape
(high tack)

Rubber binding bands
(option to using binding tape)

(80, 100, 150 and 220-grit)

Wax paper

White pencil

Felt-tip marker


Electric hand drill

Coping saw

Center punch or awl

1/2" Chisel

Clamps for Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit
Cam clamps, large (2)
Cam clamps, small (2)
Spool clamps (24)

Mini-rasp set

.020" gauged saw

4mm Allen wrench

1/4"-diameter brad point bit (in #0023 set)

Peghole reamer, standard

Radius-sanding block, 16" radius

Clothespins (50)

Medium bar-style clamp (2)

X-Acto knife

Small carpenter's square

Feeler gauges

Finishing Materials
(for aerosol nitrocellulose lacquer finish)

Our easy-to-apply ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Kit is a great choice for the first-time instrument maker. It's everything you need to complete a basic finish, and it includes our informative Guitar Finishing Step-By-Step book for free!

Sandpaper/Finishing Paper

ColorTone Concentrated Liquid Stain — Tobacco Brown and Red Mahogany

Grain Filler

Foam Polishing Pads (2 or 3) and electric hand drill

Naphtha solvent

Clean cotton gloves

Paint stripper

Masking supplies: brown paper, masking tape, cardboard and rubber balloon (or newspaper) for soundhole

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Tools for Building the Triple-O Guitar Kit

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