Pearl Cutting Saw

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Pearl Cutting Saw Saw frame only

Saw frame only

Item # 4611
In stock, ready to ship!


Pearl Cutting Saw Extra-fine blades, pkg of 12

Extra-fine blades, pkg of 12

Item # 0664
In stock, ready to ship!


Pearl Cutting Saw Fine blades, pkg of 12

Fine blades, pkg of 12

Item # 0662
In stock, ready to ship!


Pearl Cutting Saw Medium blades, pkg of 12

Medium blades, pkg of 12

Item # 0663
In stock, ready to ship!


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Pearl Cutting Saw

About This Item

Delicate control for intricate cutting.

Saw frame: Aluminum frame with rubberized handle and 3" throat depth. Blades are sold separately.

Hold the saw vertical and cut on the downstroke, with the pearl held flat on our pearl cutting jig.

Blades: 5-3/8" long and sold in packages of 12. Fine blades are for intricate work; medium blades cut a bit faster. Extra-fine blades make cleaner cuts in AbaLam.

ItemUniversal no.Width of cutThicknessTeeth per Inch

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Great saw. That's why I ordered two.

(Customer's Reviews)

Very good saw! I liked it so much I ordered a second one (so I could have one loaded with an extra fine and the other loaded with a fine). When my second saw arrived the knob that holds in the blade was snapped off. I think it was just like that in the manufacturer's box so SM didn't know. The package it came in was expertly packed and shipped so it wasn't damaged on the way. Customer service over-nighted me a replacement and made it all ok.


Quality saw.

(Customer's Reviews)

The saw is well made, sturdy, and does the job like it's supposed to do. I use mostly the extra-fine blades with the saw. The blades are good and hold up pretty well considering how small they are.


cutting saw

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a must have for all inlay work, excellent quality. The best saw i ever used.

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