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Sharpening scrapers for guitar work: two simple jigs

Issue 203 November 07, 2013

Link Van Cleave learned toolmaking and joinery from the late James Krenov, master furniture maker. Carrying on the Krenov tradition, Link is the best tool sharpener you'll ever meet. And he's a great teacher, too - as you can see in this video on how to make your favorite scraper super-sharp. Link took time out from his presentation at the 2013 Northwoods Seminar to give us this Trade Secret.
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Extra video from Dan Erlewine's cell phone: Link Van Cleave showed how he grinds a chisel with a Dremel tool, and Dan whipped out his iPhone in time to capture it for us. It's the Dan-Cam!
Trouble viewing video? View it on YouTube
In this Trade Secrets Video:
Simple jig #1: to create a truly flat scraper on all 4 edges
Simple jig #2: to square up the cutting edge
Burnish the edge, and youGÇÖre ready to scrape
Man, those are the kind of shavings you want to see!
Guitar Brace Chisel
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
Binding Tape
Super strong and super useful in the shop.
Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Outfit
Versatile high performance rotary tool for precision small-scale inlaying, polishing, grinding, routing and more.
3M Flexible Polishing Papers
Strong micro-grit finishing papers, so flexible you can use them like clothGÇ"wet or dry!
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Diamond Fret Levelers
Industrial diamond-coated steel blocks. Excellent for putting a razor edge on chisels and knives, and great for leveling frets!
Scraper Blades
6 versions for ultra-smooth wood surfaces. The best way to trim bindings, too!
Scraper Burnisher
The best way to give your scraper blades micro-sharp edges, for ultra-smooth wood surfaces.
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