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Dick Boak of Martin Guitars talks about pre-war tenors

Issue 194 July 04, 2013

Trade Secrets Video
Dick Boak, Martin Guitar Company's historian, spokesman and all-around great guy, stopped by Dan's shop and the conversation turned to pre-war Martin tenor guitars. Dick knows this subject from peghead to endpin.
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Check out this second video:
Talking about troubles with these old guitars, and Dick reveals the guy responsible for those photo-reproduced fake tortoiseshell pickgaurds!

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blankJuly 4, 2013
blankIn this Trade Secrets Video:
  • checkmark1927 Martin 5-15T
  • checkmark1932 Martin O-18T
  • checkmarkThe origin of the tenor guitar
  • checkmarkCF Martin III's spruce grain preferences
  • checkmarkScale length related to tuning pitch
  • checkmarkLowering the action on old pre-truss rod Martins
  • checkmarkMusic by Craig Thatcher, Martin Clinician
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