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Clamping a guitar neck really tight (without damage)

Issue 215 April 24, 2014

Working on a 1938 Gibson lap steel, Dan Erlewine needs to clamp the neck way more tightly than usual. He comes up with a special jig by modifying a Rock-n-Roller neck rest.
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About the guitar in this video: This is a Gibson H-150 steel guitar from 1938. This one has seven strings, which makes it a bit of a rare bird.
blankApril 24, 2014
blankIn this Trade Secrets Video:
  • checkmarkHuge magnet on an old Charlie Christian pickup
  • checkmarkReally unusual 1930s control pots
  • checkmarkDrilling two holes turns a neck rest into a super-clamp
  • checkmarkClamping the top and back to the guitar sides
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
Rock-n-Roller Neck Rest
"The neatest neck rests I've seen" - Dan Erlewine
Blank Template
Clear acrylic for making your own templates or clamping cauls.
Behlen Ground Hide Glue
Traditional luthier's glue.
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  $20.35   $6.54   $17.14
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Swivel Handle Clamp
Extra clearance and clamping pressure for demanding jobs.
Ultimate Vise
The return of the legendary vise with 3-dimensional adjustment.
Feeler Gauges
Eleven steel gauges that allow precision filing of nut slot depths, and they're also useful for checking string-to-fret clearances and fret slot width.
  $21.95   $440.00   $28.75
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