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Product Instructions I-4783
Acoustic Neck Joint Routing Template Instructions
Routing instructions for acoustic neck joints.
Trade Secrets! Issue 74 November 13, 2008
eBay mandolin: fret work and using JB Weld to rebuild a truss rod nut
Dan Erlewine's customer got a deal on eBay. Whether it was a good or a bad deal depends on how much it takes to make it playable. Dan fixes fret buzz and a warped neck, then rebuilds the truss rod nut using JB Weld repair epoxy.
Product Instructions I-1120
Fender Neck Joint Routing Template Instructions
How to rout a neck joint pocket using the Neck Joint Routing Template for Fender.
Trade Secrets! Issue 156 January 19, 2012
Fixing Bill Kirchen's "Hot Rod Lincoln" Telecaster
Dan Erlewine's doing some Telecaster body work for Bill Kirchen. Bill's famous Tele riff drove Commander Cody's "Hot Rod Lincoln" into the Top Ten back in 1972
Trade Secrets! Issue 128 December 09, 2010
How (and why) to use templates to rout control cavities
If you sometimes think of making a custom electric guitar, Erick Coleman has tips to make one part of the process a lot easier. Here's how to rout the neck pocket and control cavities so they look as good as a factory build.
Trade Secrets! Issue 142 June 23, 2011
How to fix this guitar if my elbow's stuck in the soundhole?
Dan Erlewine needs to fix the inside of a classical guitar, but can't fit his arm through the soundhole. Thinking outside the box, he finds the solution to this puzzle!
Product Instructions I-5260
Precision Router Base and Edge Guide
How to assemble and use the Precision Router Base and Edge Guide.
Product Instructions I-4407
Purfling/Soundhole Router Guide Instructions
Set up instructions for the Purfling/Soundhole Router Guide.
Product Instructions I-1119
Router Template for Recessed Floyd Rose Tremolo
Instructions for routing a top recess for use with Floyd Rose-style tremolos.
Product Instructions I-1118
Router Template Set for Floyd Rose Tremolo
Instructions for using a router template to rout a guitar for a Floyd Rose-style tremolos.
Product Instructions I-1110
Router Templates for Traditional Strat Tremolo
Instructions for routing for a traditional Strat-style tremolo bridge.
Product Instructions I-4043
Saddle Routing Jig Instructions
The Saddle Routing Jig lets you slot a new bridge with a traditional single saddle or 2-piece compensated saddle, fill and move an existing saddle slot, widen a saddle slot for a compensated saddle, or flatten the bottom of the slot for a saddle transducer pickup.
Product Instructions I-0686
Soundhole and Rosette Routing Jig Instructions
Instructions for cutting a soundhole and routing rosette rings in a guitar or ukulele using the Soundhole and Rosette Routing Jig.
Product Instructions I-0583
Using Ball-bearing Cutter Bits for Guitar Routing
Instructions for using Ball-bearing Cutter Bits for guitar routing.
Product Instructions I-1298
Using the Binding Router Bit and Bearings
Tips for routing binding ledges using the Binding Router Bit and Bearings, including how to choose the correct bearing, hand routing and using router tables.