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Video: Gluing a Martin D-35 back brace

Issue 173 September 13, 2012

Regluing a loose brace on a Martin D-35
Dan Erlewine glues a Martin back brace, using Scissor Jacks along with tools you can make in your own shop. After this video, we developed the Brace Gluing Wedge to simplify this job and reduce the number of tools needed.
blankSeptember 13, 2012
blankIn this Trade Secrets Video:
  • checkmarkLoose back braces are rare on Martins
  • checkmarkVacuum inside before gluing
  • checkmarkDan's shop-made tools for cleaning under braces
  • checkmarkHot Tip! Rolling a paper "drop cloth" inside the guitar
  • checkmarkDan's shop-made acrylic gluing wedges
  • checkmarkClamping with scissor jacks and cam clamps
  • checkmarkCleaning up Titebond glue squeeze-out
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
Franklin Titebond Glue
Aliphatic-resin glue for instrument building and repair.
Nitrile Gloves
Tough flexible gloves protect your hands for woodworking and finishing jobs.
Scissor Jack
Our versatile tool lets you perform tricky repairs inside an acoustic guitar with ease.
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Guitar Repair Magnet Kit
Versatile magnets make inventive repair techniques possible.
Mini Cam Clamp
A lighter, slimmer cam clamp for working on guitars and smaller instruments.
Brace Gluing Wedge
Makes working through a guitar soundhole a lot easier!
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