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Helpful repair magnet gizmo, and 1970s Earthwood Bass!

Issue 206 December 19, 2013

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! These repair magnets snapped together with a CLACK! drawing blood from Dan Erlewine's finger just as he was about to show his gizmo for avoiding pinched fingers and separating stacked magnets!

Also, Dan explains the radical bracing change he made on this original Earthwood acoustic bass guitar.
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About the guitar in this video: this is an Earthwood, the original acoustic bass guitar introduced by Ernie Ball and George Fullerton in 1972.
In this Trade Secrets Video:
Yikes! Repair magnets draw blood.
Dan Erlewine's simple shop-made magnet separator
Dan makes a radical bracing mod on a 1970s Earthwood bass
Dan's "airplane caul" for bridge/brace clamping.
Guitar Repair Magnet Kit
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
Bridge Clamping Caul
This device is easy to set up and needs only a single extra clamp to glue bridges on flattop steel-string acoustic guitars.
Soundhole Clamps
Ideal for clamping bridges and braces through a soundhole, these clamps reach where others can't.
Uncarved Guitar Braces
Uncarved kiln-dried quartersawn Sitka spruce, Western red cedar and limited-supply Adirondack spruce stock, for shaping your own guitar braces.
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Bridge Spatula
Unique wide blade and sturdy block handle make this the best tool for bridge removal and more.
Acoustic Guitar Repair Guard
Tough, clear protection for the guitar top while you work. Prevents scratches or dents.
Flattop Guitar Bridge Blank
Ebony and rosewood rectangular undrilled blanks for custom replacement work.
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