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Product Instructions A-DANERLEWINE
About Dan Erlewine's New Repair Videos
A brief introduction to Dan Erlewine and his new instructional repair videos.
Product Instructions A-DONMACROSTIE
About Don MacRostie
A brief introduction to Don MacRostie of Red Diamond mandolins.
Trade Secrets! Issue 169 July 19, 2012
Crack repair on a Gibson ES-350T ("Byrdland Lite?")
Semi-hollowbody crack repair: Dan Erlewine compares Gibson's ES-350T to their more famous Byrdland. Includes 1955 catalog descriptions of these two great Gibsons.
Trade Secrets! Issue 194 July 04, 2013
Dick Boak of Martin Guitars talks about pre-war tenors
Dick Boak of the Martin Guitar Company visiting Dan Erlewine's guitar repair shop. The conversation is about pre-war Martin tenor guitars, and Dick really knows this subject. From the free Trade Secrets newsletter at
Product Instructions A-0570
Example Repair Shop Forms
Dan Erlewine created two useful forms to plan and estimate the work that comes into his shop, it's also helpful for showing your customer the work you plan to do or did on their instrument.
Trade Secrets! Issue 92 July 23, 2009
Guitar repair money talk: estimate hours, not dollars
While Dan Erlewine gives a relic finish to new tuners on a 1945 Gibson J-45, he talks about making money with a guitar repair business.

Online video available
Hand-spinning Replogle Cones
Mike Replogle shows the complete process of hand-spinning in the old-school tradition. From circle-cutting and center-punching the metal, to the spinning of both the spider resonators and the biscuit cones.
Product Instructions I-FRETCALC
How do I calculate a fret scale?
A link to our free, online Fret Scale Calculator for determining fret and bridge placements and saddle compensation.
Product Instructions I-CONVERSIONS
How do I convert measurements?
A link to our free, online unit convertor.
Product Instructions I-8010
Lutherie Schools List
A list of reputable lutherie schools and programs of instruction.
Trade Secrets! Issue 129 December 23, 2010
Make custom labels for your guitars!
Dan Erlewine's making a forgery of an old Gibson label, using his brother as an accomplice (he's got a good excuse). While he's at it, he shows how you can make new custom labels for your own guitars.
Trade Secrets! Issue 72 October 16, 2008
Money talk: estimating prices for repair work
Dan Erlewine shows the steps of inspecting a customer's guitar, and gives advice on repair prices for the work required.