S-Model Megaswitch

Installation and wiring instructions for the S-Model Megaswitch.


The 'S' Model Megaswitch offers the traditional wiring options of the Strat® 5-way switch, in a heavy-duty cast housing. The diagram shows standard wiring for a 3-pickup Strat guitar, viewed from the bottom of the pickguard.

Most Strat type guitars have a layer of conductive foil between the pots and the pickguard in order to achieve proper grounding of the electronic components. If your guitar does not have this you will want to apply one of the following techniques to make sure the pots are connected to ground:

1. Apply conductive shielding foil around the area of the pots and switch before installing components.
2. Apply shielding paint before installing components.
3. Run a ground wire connecting the pots and switch to ground.

Note: On the switch there is a large silver lug attached with a screw. This is not one if the eight numbered lugs and is not used.

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