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How to fit a preshaped nut on a guitar

Issue 178 November 22, 2012

In Dan Erlewine's shop: fitting a preshaped nut is so easy "it's almost like cheating!"
Hot tips for fitting a nut, whether it's one of our preshaped bone nuts, or a TUSQ® version like Dan installs on this video.
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blankNovember 22, 2012
blankIn this Trade Secrets Video:
  • checkmarkSanding the nut bottom radius.
  • checkmarkBalancing the bridge saddles with the nut.
  • checkmarkThickness-sanding the nut.
  • checkmarkFinal shaping/buffing: tapes that protect the finish.
  • checkmarkUsing shellac instead of glue.
  • checkmark"Bone for Tone," but TUSQ comes mighty close...
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
Slotted Unbleached Bone Nut
Unbleached super-hard cow bone with a mottled cream vintage look.
Expanded selection! Man-made ivory from Graph Tech, for enhanced tone and sustain.
Stikit Gold Paper Self-adhesive Abrasives
They simply last longer. Sized for our fretwork tools.
From From
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Binding Tape
Super strong and super useful in the shop.
ColorTone Shellac
Our "old-school" instrument finish for sealing, touchups and French polishing.
Nut and Saddle Shaping Files
Specialty files for smoother, easier nut and saddle shaping.
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