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Repairing a broken-off tuner screw

Issue 181 January 03, 2013

From Dan Erlewine's shop
Dan Erlewine extracts and replaces a broken screw in a Fender peghead, using StewMac's new Guitar Screw Rescue Kit.
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January 3, 2013
In this Trade Secrets Video:
Dan shows two ways he uses the Guitar Screw Rescue Kit. There are lots of screws on a guitar, and lots of places where this tool can save the day! Get this tool here at
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
Guitar Screw Rescue Kit
Extractor and plug cutter for damaged guitar screws. A StewMac exclusive.
Behlen Ground Hide Glue
Traditional luthier's glue.
Replacement Tuner Screws
We offer a wide variety of the small screws used to affix tuners to a peghead.
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ColorTone Black Aerosol Guitar Lacquer
Solid black gloss for pegheads faces, or entire guitars.
Micro Chisels
Set of four model maker's chisels, for trimming nut and saddle slots or for removing dried glue around braces and frets.
Depth-stop Drill Bits
7-piece set for installing tuners, pickguards, string trees, truss rod covers, and more.
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