Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester

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Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester

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Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester

About This Item

Refined by Les Schatten especially for guitar shops, this tester is useful for troubleshooting and testing pickups and wiring.

Pickup rewinding specialist J.M. Rolph has noted, "How many times have you wired a pickup and found it's magnetically out of phase, with the same thin, low-powered sound as a pickup that's wired out of phase, even though the lead wires looked right?" By indicating the north or south magnetic orientation of a pickup's polepieces, this polarity tester can help you avoid the problem.

With a basic knowledge of vintage pickup magnet polarities (instructions are included), this tool is also a quick way to determine a pickup's authenticity.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

How to open a humbucker and reverse the polarity

Erick answers a customer question about reversing a humbucker's pickups, and finds that the hardest part is getting the cover off the pickup!


Product Instructions

Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester Instructions

Jim Rolph explains the importance and use of the Schatten Magnet Polarity Tester.

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get off the couch...

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Mysteries of the universe solved!


Very useful guitar pickup tool

(Customer's Reviews)

I used to check polarity of my pickups using other devices which originally were meant to provide different functionality but I have finally found something very small and practical that was designed to do the exact action of checking pickups' magnet polarity. Basic tool for every guitar player who wants to make sure that all pickup positions are correct and there are no weird out-of-phase and similar artefacts present in your guitar.


Small, cheap and usefull!

(Customer's Reviews)

Nothing more to say. Just buy it already!

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