P-Model Megaswitch

Installation and wiring instructions for the P-Model Megaswitch.


The 'P' Model Megaswitch accesses the five pickup combinations available on a Paul Reed Smith™ guitar. It is designed for use with two 4-conductor humbucking pickups. Switch positions are:
1. Bridge humbucker
2. Inner coils in parallel
3. Outer coils in series
4. Outer coils in parallel
5. Neck humbucker

For the 'P' Model Megaswitch to work properly, the pickups must be correctly installed. The outside coils of the pickups must have opposite magnetic polarity. To check this, place one pickup over the other. If the pickups repel each other, the coils have the same polarity. The pickups will attract each other if their polarities are opposite.

The 7 switch lugs should be wired as diagrammed:
1. Series link (coil-tap) of neck pickup
2. Hot output, to volume pot
3. Series link (coil-tap) of bridge pickup
4. Ground (without shield) from bridge pickup
5. To ground (back of volume pot)
6. Hot wire from neck pickup
7. Hot wire from bridge pickup

On the switch there is a large silver lug attached with a screw. This is not one if the seven numbered lugs and is not used.