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Trade Secrets! Issue 98 October 15, 2009
3 tips for cutting finely detailed custom inlays
Dan Erlewine's cutting a curvy script letter "L" out of pearl. It's a spidery-thin shape, so he uses some tricks to cut it cleanly without breaking. He also talks about his favorite headgear...
Trade Secrets! Issue 217 May 22, 2014
Coloring epoxy for guitar inlays
A little bit of glue hides imperfections... Dan Erlewine personalizes a fretboard with the customer's name in pearl: "Hoss." There are small gaps around the inlays, and dan shows how to make those gaps disappear. Dan also shows a neat magnet trick for cutting thin slices off the end of a fretboard.
Product Instructions A-PURFLING
How much purfling?
A handy chart for determining how much purfling is needed for the specific parts of dreadnought and 000-style acoustic guitars.
Product Instructions I-1673
Introduction to engraving
An introduction to engraving using the Essential Engraving Kit.
Product Instructions I-4406
Laskin's Engraving Filler Instructions
How to use Laskin's Engraving Filler.
Trade Secrets! Issue 38 July 12, 2007
Lesson in pearl engraving from Doug Unger
Doug Unger restores and reproduces exquisite turn-of-the-century 5-string banjos and early archtop mandolins. Doug shares a lesson in pearl engraving with Trade Secrets readers.
Trade Secrets! Issue 8 December 14, 2006
Make this brad-point bit for installing side dots
In Trade Secrets this week, Dan Erlewine shows a trick for installing side dots that are perfectly positioned: he modifies a hardware-store drill bit to make the job easy.
Trade Secrets! Issue 106 February 04, 2010
Simple inlay repair on a Les Paul Triumph bass
This bass from the early '70s is in great shape except for a gaptoothed peghead inlay. Erick Coleman shows how to quickly replace a missing inlay, including coloring the new work to match the old.