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Visiting Frank Ford, the King of Shop Tips!

Issue 204 November 21, 2013

Frank Ford is the man behind, one of the richest sources of lutherie tips to be found anywhere. He's a skilled luthier, machinist and inventor. Spend a few minutes in Frank's shop at Gryphon Instruments, and you'll come away smarter!
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In this Trade Secrets Video:
Frank's setup for thickness-sanding acoustic bridge saddles
How to use hot hide glue without a heated pot
Brian Michael shares a tip from the benches at Taylor Guitars
Frank's custom tools will make you want to be a machinist!
Airbrush Outfit
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
StewMac Accelerator
Aerosol makes super glue bonding even faster!
Whip Tips
Apply super glue exactly where you want it!
Jack The Gripper
Holds a standard 1/4" jack steady while you tighten or loosen the nut from the outside. A real work saver!
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3M Gold Fre-Cut Sandpaper
These sandpapers won't clog like traditional sandpapers, and they last twice as long!
StewMac Super Glue
First choice in guitar repair shops! Incredible bonding strength for quick jig-making, fretting, inlaying, finish touch-ups, and more.
Bleached White Bone Saddles
SHAPED and blank sizes. Traditional material favored for classic tone.
Starting at Starting at
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