Soprano Ukulele Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the Soprano Ukulele Kit.

• Recommended parts and tools
• Fitting and shaping
• Soundhole purfling
• Installing the frets
• Finishing
• Stringing and tuning


NOTE: These instructions were written for a soprano ukulele kit that we no longer have in stock.

Welcome to ukulele building! The uke you're about to build is an easy kit; we've designed it so that you can create a quality ukulele with a minimum of tools. You don't need experience, either: the ukulele kit is a great way to get your start in instrument building. When you're done, you'll be happy to find that it sounds great, too!

Review these instructions before starting so you're sure you have everything you need, and you're familiar with the processes involved:

Download Ukulele Kit Instructions

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