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Do-it-yourself banjo bridge lifter

Issue 184 February 14, 2013

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A quick tip from my Road Trip: Here's Dave Collins at the Herb David Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love this easy-to-make tool Dave uses for swapping banjo bridges!
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blankFebruary 14, 2013
blankIn this Trade Secrets Video:
  • checkmarkDan's at the Herb David Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • checkmarkHot Tip! Dave Collins' shop-made banjo bridge lifter.
Problem-solving products for this kind of work:
5-String Banjo Bridge
Maple with ebony top banjo bridges in a variety of heights.
Five-Star Banjo Head
Our popular Five-Star heads feature a patented design for clear, crisp tone and extra strength under tension.
Skin Banjo Head
Natural skin heads for original mellow vintage banjo tone.
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Five-Star Banjo Tuning Pegs
Traditional planetary design tuners.
Kershner Banjo Tailpiece
Heavy-duty construction makes this a very durable tailpiece, and the increased mass helps sustain.
Cradle Banjo Strap
This leather strap with sheepskin shoulder padding is the most comfortable banjo strap available.
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