How to Wire a Fender Guitar DVD

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How to Wire a Fender Guitar DVD

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How to Wire a Fender Guitar DVD

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Guitar electronics demystified!
Learn how to wire your Fender guitar cleanly for great sound, and discover how its electronics work.

Now on DVD! Our 34-minute DVD with famed repairman Dan Erlewine demonstrates complete wiring jobs step-by-step, and will give you the confidence to do the job right. It also features special animations to help you understand how the pickups and electronic components function.

Dan presents complete wiring jobs for Strat® and Tele® using our Golden Age pickups. With the diagrams supplied in our wiring kits as a guide, he shows you how to install the pickups, switch, pots and output jack cleanly and professionally. Proper grounding and copper-foil shielding techniques are demonstrated to help reduce noise, and Dan also shares a handy tip for properly locating a Tele® rhythm pickup to fit the pickguard.

Disc contents
Introduction: Dan Erlewine
Basic soldering tools
Wiring a Strat
How a volume control works
How a tone control works
Treble bypass cap
Reverse-wind, reverse-polarity
How a Strat circuit works
Wiring and shielding a Tele
Using a multimeter

The DVD format includes easy menu selections for quickly reviewing and finding the information you need. We've also produced a great DVD especially for Gibson players: How to Wire a Gibson Guitar.

Will these DVDs play on your equipment?
These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

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Fender guitar wiring

(Customer's Reviews)

Good information I've been an electrician for 25 years and never knew how my own guitar wiring worked, now I'm more versed in how guitar wiring in general works this is cool!??


Excellent Video

(Customer's Reviews)

You¦ll find tools to use, how to do it, and some useful tips. I still look the video for review any details.


Very Helpful

(Customer's Reviews)

Not the most 'exciting' film...ha, but VERY informative. Actually I used the video instead of the wiring diagram, ha. Very nice, well done.

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