Dan Erlewine's Neck Resets

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Dan Erlewine's Neck Resets

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Dan Erlewine's Neck Resets

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Reset a neck without fear! Removal and resetting techniques for restoring playable string action on traditional dovetail-neck guitars.

Dan Erlewine demonstrates the basics of neck removal and resetting on a "yard sale" archtop guitar.

  • Steaming a dovetail neck joint for neck removal.
  • Calculating the correct neck angle.
  • Trimming the neck joint tenon and installing shims.
  • Luthier Bryan Galloup resets a 1949 Martin 0-18.
  • Bryan resets a Gibson J-45 neck and repositions it to correct intonation problems.

2 hours.

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

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Not much here that isn't already on YouTube....

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this DVD out of desperation as I was having trouble with my first neck old archtop acoustic very much like the one Dan demonstrates in the first example. I'd seen plenty of videos talking about how to steam the neck off, shave the heel, etc. But nothing explained how to properly shim the dovetail joint so it all fits back together as it should. It's not for nothing that they call it the joint from hell. So I bought the DVD hoping for some kind of revelation. Alas, none to be had. Both instructors breeze right over that part like it's common knowledge. Very disappointing.

The rest of the DVD is fine, it's just that they didn't do justice to this key piece of the puzzle.


Great fundamentals!

(Customer's Reviews)

Things I already knew, and more things that I didn't!


there but for fortune

(Customer's Reviews)

- On the whole informative and confidence building.
- Constant references to,"..but that is covered in (another video) so we won't show that here" a bit tiring.
- No help at all when the neck just won't budge (but then it is a video, could it troubleshoot for you?) A bit more info on dovetail construction details might have helped.

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