Dan Erlewine's Bridge Repairs

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Dan Erlewine's Bridge Repairs

About This Item

Fix an acoustic guitar bridge, or make one from scratch!
Never be intimidated again by a flattop guitar bridge problem!

Dan Erlewine, the world's best known guitar repair teacher, is your guide to fearlessly fixing acoustic guitar bridges, cleanly and confidently. You'll learn lots of removal and setup tips from an experienced professional.

Each DVD is 1 hour.

Dan Erlewine's Bridge Repairs, Vol. 1

Repairing a loose bridge: Martin HD-28
Removing a loose bridge using heat
Cleaning and truing the original bridge after removal
Cleaning and preparing the soundboard gluing area
Efficient clamping setups, featuring Dan's unique transparent demo guitar
Regluing and restringing the bridge

Repairing a loose bridge: Seagull guitar
Removing a loose bridge without heat
Cleaning and preparing the original bridge
Cleaning the soundboard gluing area
Gluing and clamping the bridge

Repairing worn bridge plate pin holes
Using the BridgeSaver to preserve the original bridge plate
Plugging worn bridge pin holes and redrilling

Custom-slotting bridge pins
Using the Bridge Pin Slotter for best fit

The last resort: routing off a Martin bridge
Removing a stubborn and badly intonated bridge

Mixing hide glue
The right way to mix and use traditional luthier's glue

Dan Erlewine's Bridge Repairs, Vol. 2

Advanced bridge repair: Gibson SJ
Repairing soundboard wood beneath the bridge
Soundboard grain run-out explained
Making a bookmatched spruce fill
Making a bridge plate from scratch
Patching worn bridge pin holes in the soundboard
Drilling new bridge pin holes

Making a bridge from scratch
Thicknessing, shaping and drilling a bridge from a blank
Bridge gluing setup
Determining the saddle slot location and routing the slot
Fitting the bridge pins and sawing string slots in the pinholes

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide viewing.

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Old videos


Verified Buyer

The videos are helpful but they are old. These are just a piece of the knowledge you need to start doing quality repair work. They are also expensive but worth it if they go on sale.


VOL1 review


Verified Buyer

Lots of good info and demonstration. Perfect for newbies to bridge repair. My only complaint is the price which is what holds me back from getting more of Dan's DVD's period, no matter what the subject is.


Great DVD's


Verified Buyer

I bought both of these, and learned a lot from them.

The quality of DVD 2 was not the best, due to the quality of the original shots, but still acceptable.


Excellent video!


Verified Buyer

I used the information in these videos to perform a rather advanced repair on an old Gibson Hummingbird that had been damaged from previous poorly done work. The guitar needed very similar work to the old SJ that Dan repairs in the second video. I would not have had the confidence to save the Hummingbird if not for the clear and detailed instruction that Dan gives. A real home run!

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