A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making

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A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making

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A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making

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With Chris Wynne. A comprehensive 13-hour course on 10 DVDs, with accompanying book of plans and specifications. Free pocket ruler!

Build your own Dreadnought-size guitar.
"Clear out your workshop and sharpen your tools!" Introducing a comprehensive new guide for building your own Dreadnought-size guitar, taught by luthier Chris Wynne of Australia's Montsalvat School of Acoustic Guitar Making. It's an impressive 10-DVD set, but fear not—the comprehensive course is structured for first-time builders and woodworkers. Chris guides you through each step in the guitarmaking process, troubleshoots potential problems and explores current guitar wood science, all with the convenient navigation of DVD menus.

Comprehensive 13-hour course using Australian timbers on 10 DVDs, plus book!
The course includes "The Luthiers Acoustic Guitar Making Handbook" (available only with the DVDs), an essential 60-page manual of detailed plans and specifications for each stage of construction. You'll get a handy bonus pocket conversion ruler, too!

DVD Contents:
Disc 1 Tools and humidity • Side bending • Joining and bracing the back • Making body blocks
Disc 2 Creating the back arch • Installing kerfed linings
Disc 3 Gluing and trimming the back • Splicing the neck • Installing headstock veneer
Disc 4 Inlaying the rosette • Cutting and bracing the soundboard • Installing the bridge plate
Disc 5 Cutting and routing the neck • Installing, trimming and binding the soundboard
Disc 6 Shaping and slotting the fretboard • Dovetailing and installing the neck • Installing the truss rod and fretboard
Disc 7 Shaping the neck • Installing and dressing the frets • Making and installing the bridge • Tone tapping • Applying an oil finish
Disc 8 Guitar setup: Making the nut and saddle • Installing tuners and bridge pins • Adjusting string action
Disc 9 Making your own jigs • Side bending • Making a fretboard • Making a body mould and bracing dish
Disc 10 Live guitar performances • Interviews with Australian timber supplier Chris Searle, wood scientist Andrew Morrow, and luthier Jack Spira

These DVDs are not "region specific," and are intended for worldwide viewing.

The Book: "The Luthiers Acoustic Guitar Making Handbook" is filled with essential plans, measurements, templates and printed specifications to accompany each stage of construction shown on the DVDs. 60 pages, softcover, and only available with the DVD set.

Conversion Ruler: A handy bonus pocket-size steel inch/metric conversion ruler is included, too!

Website Support: You'll gain exclusive access to the Master Class support website, for help with any questions that arise as you build your guitar.


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An outstanding primer

(Customer's Reviews)

I've been watching this DVD series while simultaneously assembling a StewMac dreadnought kit. This DVD series very well answers all of the "Why" questions I have, and it also gives me great ideas to pursue for when I've completed the kit and move on to building my own from scratch. I did find it pretty funny when, just after giving a speech about how you can do everything with tools found in a common shop, he moves over to a big drum sander to do some work. But overall, this has been money very well spent.


Great series, great teacher

(Customer's Reviews)

I have had the privilege of learning to build my first guitar with Chris Wynne in person at Montsalvat in Melbourne. The course was life changing. The DVD series allowed me to take what I had learnt on the course and begin my journey as a luthier. I am now up to build no. 14 and have the confidence to create my own plans, inlays etc and none of it would have been possible without the invaluable information in the DVD series. If you are looking to build your first guitar, or even understand a little more about your second, you will definitely benefit form this series.


Not enough knowledge

(Customer's Reviews)

In my opinion not very good. It's okay, but, leaving out very important info like cleaning your wood before glueing. Also very strange ways in doing things. And sometimes just plane wrong.

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