Violin Setup

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Violin Setup

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Violin Setup

About This Item

Bring a violin back to life!
Produced by Dan Erlewine, and featuring veteran violin repairman Paul Newson.

"Paul Newson takes us through all the steps of refurbishing a violin that had been stored in an attic for over 50 years. The result is a fine instrument. Paul's a great teacher!" — Dan

The focus of this video
You'll learn how to take a violin from "forgotten in the attic" condition to "ready to play."
    Information covered
  • Evaluating the condition of the instrument
  • Planing and finishing the fingerboard
  • Fitting new pegs and drilling the string holes
  • Fitting a new nut
  • Installing a new endpin
  • Fitting a new tailpiece
  • Installing a new tailpiece fastener
  • Making and fitting a new soundpost
  • Carving a perfect bridge from a blank
  • Fitting the bridge to the top
  • Installing the strings
  • Setting the action
  • Installing the chinrest
  • Explanation of the tools necessary for violin setup
80 minutes.

This DVD is not "region-specific," and is intended for worldwide use.

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Very Good Overall Class


Verified Buyer

This is a good overview of how to set up a violin. Almost everything is covered and it is very interesting to watch him actually do the work. I did not realize how much there was to it. A section on what type of glue he used what have been nice. The only negative to the video is the cost. I believe $30 would have been more than adequate. Its overpriced at $50.


Violin setup.


Verified Buyer

This got my feet wet in violin setup and don't get me wrong, it's loaded with technical information. But the guy is nuts.... few people frustrate me more than individuals who refuse to do things the easy way because they're purists. This guy does absolutely everything the hard way, which doesn't do anything for the shop that wants to turn a profit. The same kind of mentality that luthiers have that refuse to use CNC necks and bolt them on, that keeps them from being profitable. Give me precision over hand made any day.


Fantastic for the guitar repairman


Verified Buyer

As a guitar builder/repairman I was finding that a lot of violins were coming to my door for setup and minor repair work. I decided to purchase this DVD and see what I could learn. After watching it I now feel very confident doing violin setups and minor repair. With the average cost of a setup running $50-$75 and taking less than an hour to do, it's a no brainer for any guitar repairman to add to his arsenal plus you'll pay for the DVD after one violin goes through your shop.

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