Dan Erlewine's Maintenance & Setup for Electric Guitars and Basses

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Dan Erlewine's Maintenance & Setup for Electric Guitars and Basses

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Useful to pros repair shops as well as players. Dan demonstrates some techniques from his book "How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!" and beyond. Each DVD is 2 hours.

"Dan's books and videos allow you to see a master at work in his shop."
— Neil Harrell, Cincinnati, OH

Maintenance & Setup for Electric Guitars and Basses Vol. 1

"Learn from real-world jobs — guitars belonging to real customers. Every time I turned around, the exact job I needed waltzed in the door! This is for players as well as repair shops, and even experienced repair techs will find some gems in this DVD." — Dan

The focus of this DVD
See how we reclaimed a 1973 Gibson Les Paul® "fretless wonder" that came into the shop playing badly.
    Information covered
  • Evaluating the guitar before setup
  • Dating a guitar by potentiometer code
  • Getting an unworkable truss rod working perfectly
  • Cleaning dirty potentiometers
  • Straightening a collapsed Tune-O-Matic Bridge
  • Cleaning, and replacing corroded bridge parts
  • Comparing and selecting replacement hardware
  • Slotting saddles to match the fretboard radius
  • "De-luxeing" Tune-O-Matic bridge saddles
  • Tone-Pros locking bridge system
  • Refurbishing the nut for low action and clean sound
  • Replacing humbucker mounting rings
  • Low-action setup
  • Setting pickup pole piece height
  • Setting intonation
    Gretsch Brian Setzer 'Hot-Rod' setup:
  • Installing TV Jones replacement pickups
  • Protecting a new guitar while working on it
  • Fine-tuning a Bigsby vibrato
    Setting up Jorma Kaukonen's Tele®
  • Troubleshooting a pickup that won't work
  • Rewiring the toggle switch
  • Jorma's electric action setup for playing blues
    Setting up Jack Casady's P-Basses®
  • Repairing a shrunken pickguard (1963 P-Bass) and freeing up pickups that won't raise or lower
  • Conquering a hard-to-adjust P-bass truss rod
  • Repairing '53 Bakelite Telecaster P-Bass saddles
  • Setups for three of Jack's basses
BONUS: Dan and Jorma play "Dan's Place Blues"; Jack plays and describes the circuit design and tone of his Epiphone Signature model bass.

Maintenance & Setup for Electric Guitars and Basses Vol. 2

"This is not a recap of volume one - it features different guitars, basses, setups, tremolos, and neat modifications. This DVD should be important to players and experienced repair techs alike."—Dan

The focus of this DVD
Moving beyond what's covered in Volume 1, here are more maintenance and setup tips.
    Information covered
  • Cleaning your electric guitar's finish
  • Correct ways to install strings
  • Fender "10-Step Strat®" Setup (complete vintage Strat tremolo setup and factory specs)
  • Cleaning, deburring, and lubricating a Strat bridge
  • Ibanez Jem "Steve Vai" setup (complete Floyd Rose tremolo setup and factory specs
  • Danelectro modifications. The new Danos are great - these mods and adjustments make them better! (Flattening a warped Dano bridge; making a "vintage" aluminum bridge with rosewood saddle from scratch; installing a center post support for the typically weak Dano bridge; replacing compressed lipstick-tube pickup supports)
  • G&L ASAT bass: another "hard-to-adjust" neck
  • Making and installing a full-sized neck pocket shim for a bolt-on neck guitar (G&L bass)
  • Replacing shrunken plastic tuner buttons
  • Fender 5-string bass setup (learn to clamp a back-bow into an up-bowed neck)
Also see:
Dan Erlewine's Maintenance & Setup for Steel-string Acoustic Guitars Vol. 1 and 2
These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

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very useful information.

(Customer's Reviews)

as always dan has some great tips if you want to do your own setup plus a couple of other repairs
that you can use.


Setup for Electric Guitars and Basses

(Customer's Reviews)

Good information for anyone who is interested in doing their own maintenance and setups .Goes well along with the book How to Make Your Guitar Play Great.


Training UGH!

(Customer's Reviews)

More basic than I expected. It would have helped if the description had told the level of training it is giving. Showing a large number minutes of guitarist and how they want their guitar setup is a little much.

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