Dan Erlewine's Fretting Series

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Fret Basics DVD

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Advanced Fretting, Vol. 1 DVD

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Advanced Fretting, Vol. 2 DVD

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All 3 fretting DVDs

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Dan Erlewine's Fretting Series

About This Item

Learn professional guitar repair! Complete instruction from fret basics like installation and dressing, through complex refrets and fretting for the production shop.

Fret Basics covers fret dressing and refretting with basic tools. Dan describes it this way: "With basic tools and simple skills, you can do excellent fretwork. This DVD shows you how."

Advanced Fretting will teach you how to do professional-level work on tricky fret jobs. This is practical training for everyone involved in guitar repair. Advanced tools are demonstrated in use on real jobs, so you can decide what you really need for the work you do.
Vol 1: Complete acoustic and electric refretting.
Vol 2: Additional advanced techniques for the professional.

Each DVD is 2 hours. Sold individually or SAVE when you buy all 3 DVDs!

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

Dan Erlewine's Fret Basics

"Watch this video before you invest in fret tools, and you'll know what to buy." — Dan

The focus of this video
Quality fret dressing and re-fretting with basic tools, on a budget, and in a "home-shop" situation.

Information covered
Controlling a hard-to-adjust neck
Simple straightedges and leveling tools
Tabletop neck-jigging
Fret removal
Measuring and fitting fretwire
The basics of leveling and dressing frets
Techniques for fretting bolt-on electrics and "set-neck" acoustics

Dan Erlewine's Advanced Fretting Vol. 1

"I pull out all the stops on this tape and share every trick I know. Some of these I've never shown anyone before. You'll feel as if you've spent several weekends in my shop working with me on some tough fretjobs!" — Dan

The focus of this video
Beyond the information covered in Fret Basics. Professional-level work on tricky fretjobs.

Information covered
Heat-straightening a warped neck
Compression fretting using a hammer and the fret press
Controlling a nonadjustable neck in the Neck Jig
Fretting a bound fingerboard
Very difficult truss rod fix
Vintage fret job considerations
Crowning and polishing frets
A low-fret job for Leon Rhodes

Bonus: See and hear Dan's hero Leon Rhodes play. Filmed in Nashville, this is a mini guitar lesson you shouldn't miss.

Dan Erlewine's Advanced Fretting Vol. 2

"I simply couldn't fit all the fretting tips and techniques - nor the variety of fret jobs - that I wanted to share in just one advanced fretting tape. Read the tape descriptions, and you'll see why. For example, would you miss 'Fender Sideways Fretting'? No way!" — Dan

The focus of this video
Additional advanced techniques for the professional.

Information covered
•  Refretting, leveling, crowning and polishing frets in the Neck Jig
•  Fretting for the production shop
•  Using an arbor press for fretting
•  The Fender "sideways" fretting
•  Tips from luthiers Michael Stevens, T.J. Thompson, Frank Ford and
Bryan Galloup

These DVDs are not "region-specific," and are intended for worldwide use.

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Fretting Series DVDs

(Customer's Reviews)

Great videos. It's like I'm standing in Dan's shop receiving repair training personally. Very detailed information and techniques shown. It's well worth the cost of these DVDs to learn how to avoid lousy repair techniques that will take more time and make the outcome less desirable.


Too Much Advertisment

(Customer's Reviews)

I got the basic fretting video to reinforce what I already knew. It said it would focus on basic tools and techniques but I saw a lot of advertising of Stew Mac tools which I have plenty. The just aren't cheap by any means. I also was disappointed it missed the one thing I was looking for. It doesn't talk about fret slot size and ordering the appropriate fret size, but since I have every single fretting tool you could imagine it wasn't really a big deal. The video was supposed to be based on basic tools and it wasn't really.


Great tutorial

(Customer's Reviews)

This dvd series is just great

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