Pearl Inlay Book

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Pearl Inlay Book

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Pearl Inlay Book

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By James E. Patterson
Instructions for grinding, sawing, routing and gluing abalone and mother-of-pearl, and much more.

The bible of pearl work! The inspiration for generations of inlay artists. Reprinted from the original edition, it includes instructions for grinding, sawing, routing and gluing abalone and mother-of-pearl; making jigs for cutting dots, diamonds and strips; abalone purfling techniques, and tips on pearl engraving.

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    Contents in brief
  • Safety; getting started
  • Inlay materials
  • Producing shell blanks
  • Sawboards and other tools and materials for sawing
  • Preparing the inlay surface
  • Tools and materials for cavity routing
  • Routing inlay cavities
  • Gluing inlays
  • Cutting and inlaying abalone border strips; binding and purfling
  • Engraving mother-of-pearl
  • Other inlay techniques
  • Selecting and working with shell

81 pages, softcover.

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Pesrl inlay book

(Customer's Reviews)

very good .has the kind of info I was looking for Tyhx.


Pearl Inlay


book is a very old tech, a lot is not applicable to modern materials


Excellent book

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a most useful book. I would not say that it is a grand work of literature in terms of grammar and syntax, but this is hardly any hindrance to a careful reader's understanding. The information on technique, as well as the information on jigs and fixtures more that makes up for this. After reading, expect to have the knowledge to plan and attempt any normal and tasteful instrument inlay project. I have yet to see a comparable manual designed specifically for stringed instrument builders.

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