How To Service Your Own Tube Amp

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How To Service Your Own Tube Amp

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How To Service Your Own Tube Amp

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By amp repairman and guru Tom Mitchell.
Learn basic amplifier servicing skills taught by a pro technician!

This illustrated workbook explains basic amplifier electronics, servicing skills, maintenance tips, troubleshooting and simple modifications. Speakers, test gear, tools, voltage charts and schematics are demystified.

For Fender, Marshall and many other popular amps. Includes diagnostic charts; explanations of components, electronics and amp functions; maintenance and troubleshooting tips, and simple modifications you can make.

    Contents in brief
  • Electronics fundamentals
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors and transformers
  • Tubes and semiconductors
  • Speakers
  • Amp basics and biasing
  • Tools, soldering and multimeter use
  • How to read schematics
  • Maintenance checklist
  • Voltage charts; troubleshooting flowcharts
  • International voltages and plugs
  • Voltage charts for over 32 amps: Ampeg, Fender, Gretsch, HiWatt, Laney, Marshall, Peavey, Randall, Traynor, and Vox

247 pages, softcover. 1991

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 It's Already Paid for Itself

(Customer's Reviews)

This book has already paid for itself by helping me with some issues I've been having with one of my amps and with a current build on a new baffled cabinet. I recommend it for those new to tube amps just for the wealth of information it gives you in regards to amplifier maintenance and troubleshooting -- even if you can't repair the problem yourself. The car and water analogies help make it simple to understand some of the terminology or concepts conveyed.


Good for Beginers

(Customer's Reviews)

It is a good starting-point for someone who know's enough to use a DMM and a soldering-iron, but doesn't have a good grasp of electronics.

It talks a lot about how resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc work.

After that, the useful info you'll get from this book is how to choose suitable components for replacement, voltage-charts and a few basic mods you can do to common amps.

Overall, it's worth the price.


A lot here

(Customer's Reviews)

This book is deep enough to explain the subject, but simple enough for almost anyone to understand. I used it to learn about tube amps to repair a friends amp. The trouble shooting charts are very good. It will lead you to the parts or parts that are bad, even if they are expensive.

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