Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance and Repair

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Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance and Repair

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Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance and Repair

About This Item

By Doug Redler and Dave Rubin
Concise manual of basic tips for keeping your guitar and amp in top condition. Co-written by a veteran road tech.

Maintain your guitar and amp like a pro, with this concise manual of tips from a veteran guitar tech. Doug Redler earned his cred with big name bands: Dixie Chicks, B-52s, Paul Simon, Black Crowes and Peter Gabriel, among others. He offers valuable practical advice from years on the road:

  • Recommended basic tools
  • Stringing technique
  • Action, intonation and pickup adjustment
  • Bass guitar setup
  • Humidification of acoustic instruments
  • Troubleshooting and repairs on the road
  • Testing for blown and out-of-phase speakers
  • Replacing amp tubes
  • Proper grounding of sound equipment

50 pages, softcover.

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Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance and Repair

(Customer's Reviews)

great read.


Not quite

(Customer's Reviews)

I buy tools and supplies, as well as shop guides from Stu-Mac because of their quality, reliability, excellent service, and fair enough prices. This time (there's always a first) I am disappointed. The very lightweight book should be more accurately titled "A Very Superficial Overview to Some guitar Maintenance Issues, or, How I Quit being a roadie and became a guitar tech to the stars". We expect more from the staff at Stu-Mac. This isn't it. If I wanted to hear glory stories about the life of a rock and roll roadie, I could be a bartender (again).


Recommended Resource, Delivers as Promised

(Customer's Reviews)

A guitar repair client asked me to assess the “Guitarist’s Guide to Maintenance and Repair: A Tech to the Stars Tells How to Maintain Your Axe Like a Pro” by Doug Redler and Dave Rubin. Despite the book’s title, I expected the pages to contain far too many stories with a “look at how cool I am hanging with Rock Stars” message and very little useful information. What I found is a book that delivers exactly what it claims, a guide to maintaining and repairing guitars, basses and amplifiers.

Redler gives straightforward directions to perform basic maintenance balanced with pertinent stories illustrating how he uses these techniques on the road as a guitar tech for artists like kd Lang, the B-52s, The Black Crowes and others. Clear photographs, straightforward writing and clever titles illustrate each section. The stories, taken from Redler’s 25 year career, demonstrate real life application of these techniques while giving readers unfamiliar with a guitar tech’s duties a good overall picture of his life on the road. Redler shares both the embarrassing mistakes he made as he learned his craft and a few of his triumphs. Overall he gives a balanced picture of his working life behind the scenes.

The author includes a resource section containing information about guitar repair schools; books videos/DVDs on the subject; tool, repair and parts sources; guitar sales and amp repair shops in New York City and Los Angeles; guitar, string and pickup companies; and two websites for those who want to get into the roadie business. He also discusses his list of basic tools he carries on the road.

While this book won’t give you all of the information to open your own repair shop, it will give you a more than solid foundation for maintaining your equipment to its highest standard. I recommend the book, especially to working musicians. It’s a valuable resource whether you are interested in maintaining your own gear or just want to be a more educated consumer.



(Customer's Reviews)

I'm broke guitarist with more guitars than I can afford to have maintenance. This book is an excellent layman's how-to. Along with useful tips, it's chock-full of entertaining anecdotes of a seasoned guitar-tech with a friendly sense of humor. After you fix your axe, you might just find yourself reading it at the coffee table.