Electric Guitar & Bass Design

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Electric Guitar & Bass Design

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Electric Guitar & Bass Design

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By Leonardo Lospennato
How to design a solidbody instrument that looks, plays and sounds the way you really want.

The design process, from first draft to full plan!
When you're ready to add your own ideas to your solidbody guitar or bass building project, you'll find no better guide than this one for making successful decisions. It's all about the design process—a departure from the usual step-by-step construction books. It's planning the ergonomics and proportions; pickup choices and placement for best response; controls and wiring layouts for versatile sound; wood selection for sustain; hardware compatibility, neck customization for ease of playing, and the aesthetics of the instrument. Everything to consider before you start cutting wood for the guitar or bass of your dreams!

    Contents in brief
  • Searching for the perfect guitar and planning your project
  • Beauty, playability and sound
  • Designing the body shape and headstock; ergonomics
  • Neck design: angled vs. bolt-on necks; truss rods
  • Fretboard design: scale length; radiused and compound radius fingerboards; fretwire choice
  • Pickup selection: how pickups work, how magnets and coils affect sound, single-coils vs. humbuckers
  • Controlling the pickups: pots, switches and coil-tapping
  • Guitar and bass electronics: pot values and taper; specialty pots; capacitors; drawing the wiring diagram
  • Wiring, shielding and grounding; electronics safety, common wiring diagrams; active electronics
  • Secrets of sustain
  • Selecting the right hardware and wood
  • Finishing: wood preparation, nitrocellulose lacquer, oil, polyester, waterbase lacquer, colors and sunbursts
  • Interviews with guitar designers; lutherie woods; pickup color codes; cavity templates

219 pages, softcover.

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Customer Service & Quality of Materials!

(Customer's Reviews)

I value the tip videos and look forward to receiving them in my e-mail and I watch them all! The parts, training videos/manuals, and prompt customer/delivery service I receive from Stewmac are second to none. The Electric Guitar & Bass Design book is very good and I would suggest folks read it even if they have already built an instrument.


Useful Questions

(Customer's Reviews)

I've read Leo's book twice, and was so impressed that I contacted him to thank him for writing it! There was nothing completely new for me, but lots of ideas that immediately rang true, and made me think - again and again - "Why didn't I think of that before?"

To me, the main strength of this book is that it gets you to ask yourself a bunch of important questions BEFORE starting to build an instrument. It doesn't really touch on building at all, but instead, concentrates on the too often ignored design phase.

The goal of the book is to get you to the point of creating a physical template for building your custom instrument. Your template includes all the features you have decided to incorporate after reading the book and considering Leo's suggestions and is a useful blueprint for the actual building process!


Electric Guitar & Bass Design

(Customer's Reviews)

A great book for people who make guitars or just like understand about making guitars. I made 17 guitars this year and I wish i would have had this book before I started building. A real time saver with tons of hints to help any one who wants be a guitar maker.

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