Fret Work Step-By-Step

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Fret Work Step-By-Step

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Fret Work Step-By-Step

About This Item

By Erick Coleman with Dan Erlewine
New tools, techniques, and color photos! The updated 2nd edition of the world's most popular fretting instruction manual.

Updated 2nd edition: more tools, new techniques!
Published by Stewart-MacDonald. The most popular fretting instruction manual in the world, a best seller since fretmaster Dan Erlewine wrote it in 1994! Our new updated 2nd edition reflects lots of innovative tools and techniques that have come along since then. We reworked it from the ground up, with colorful photos and revised text that demonstrate clearly how to tackle all kinds of fret work. Simple jobs and tricky problems are shown and explained from start to finish. Learn the right way: gain the confidence to do your own fret work on new or old guitars, maple necks, bound necks—any instrument that comes in your door.

Chapters include:
Tools and supplies
Working with compound radius fretboards
Simple fret leveling and dressing
A basic fret job
A partial refret job
Fretting nonadjustable necks
Refretting a bound neck
Fretting Fender maple necks
Fretting Fender laminated fingerboards
Martin bar fretting
Fretting an unattached fingerboard
New technology: the Plek machine
Final setup

100 pages, softcover.

About the authors:
Erick Coleman: repairman, tech support guru and author. Erick answers every kind of lutherie question from Stewart-MacDonald's customers. His background includes years of traveling as a rock guitarist, which is when he started doing his own repairs. He learned from Dan Erlewine's videos, then in Dan's shop. Making a career of guitar repair, Erick is now a technical support expert for StewMac.

Dan Erlewine is a well-known guitar repair veteran and author of bestselling videos and books on repair. His DVD series on instrument repair includes a dozen volumes as of this writing.

Erick and Dan are regular contributors to our Trade Secrets E-mail Newsletter and to Stewart-MacDonald's product research and development.

The basic tools to get you started
Fret Work Step-By-Step is included in our Essential Fretting Tool Set.

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A great,... the only great, fretting book.

(Customer's Reviews)

This book is a valuable resource for those not versed in fretting, be it a simple fret job on a new instrument or a more complicated repair on a vintage instrument. This book covers it all.

Fret work is difficult to get perfect and if it isn't at least good, then the entire instrument will not be played. More importantly, it will never be bought.

To hold the view that the gamut of fret work can be deduced into a 3 page pamphlet is simply laughable.



(Customer's Reviews)

Don't waste your money. The valuable info contained herein could be stated in a three page pamphlet. The remainder of the book is about selling you more useless tools!

Response from StewMac

We are truly sorry if you feel this way about this book. We believe this to have an incredible amount of information about doing fret work. If you are not pleased with your purchase, please let us know and we can offer you a refund for this book. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and would be happy to help in any way that we can.

-Spencer, Customer Support


Everything I wanted to know!

(Customer's Reviews)

I am building my 1st guitar (from scratch) and I had "some", OK a lot of questions about fretwork. Not only have my questions been answered, but alternatives and their applications are presented clearly. I now have a good feel for the level of precision necessary. Eric and Dan, as my adventures with guitars progresses I am coming to rely on you for simple clear and correct advice. Thanks.
Steve Walls


Great Book!

(Customer's Reviews)

I've been learning how to work on my own guitars, and Dan's DVD's have been my guide. Much of this book is already in the DVD's, but I feel like there's enough content in here that make it more than worth the purchase. I use this book as a reference and am very glad I purchased it.



(Customer's Reviews)

From the basics to the Plek machine good info as demonstrated on vintage instruments.


Expert guidance from Stu-Mac experts

(Customer's Reviews)

I just recieved the new, color photo illustrated 2nd edition of Stu-Mac's Fret Work shop manual. My 1st copy was ruined in a flood. Ugly story. Painful to even think about. I decided to get a replacement copy because there are those occasions, even for one with some experience, when it helps to have the correct procedures at hand. The variety of examples answers just about any question regarding neck and fret issues. Eric Coleman and Dan Erlewine have once again gone step-by-step, as promised, in guiding luthiers and repair techs through the process of getting the most from any guitar, electric or acoustic. Thanks, again!


A nice addition to my other instructional items.

(Customer's Reviews)

This book is nicely written and illustrated. It covers much of what I needed to know about fret jobs. I recommend it.


Fret Work

(Customer's Reviews)

Learned lots from this book. I later bought fretting DVD's just to watch Dan do his thing. But practically everything necessary about fretting is here in print.


Basics +

(Customer's Reviews)

There are so many details that have to be learned and discovered, and this book reveals many I would have had to learn the hard way, if at all. Great manual!


Great book for a beginner

(Customer's Reviews)

This book seems to cover everything a beginner may need, and gives a good understanding of fretting concepts

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