Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

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By Jeff Jewitt
An impressive book covers traditional and modern techniques for coloring and finishing wood.

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Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

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By Jeff Jewitt
An impressive book covers traditional and modern techniques for coloring and finishing wood.

From setting up a spray booth to rubbing out a final gloss, instrument makers will find a wealth of useful information here, enhanced with over 850 outstanding color photos and drawings.

Many of the photos illustrate the effects of coloration on various woods, and help make each finishing process understandable. Be sure to make room on your shelf for this book, alongside our own Guitar Finishing Step-By-Step.

Contents in brief:
Part 1: Preparing a wood surface and fixing wood defects
Part 3: Techniques for applying and controlling stains, glazes, toners and dyes
Part 4: Filling and sealing wood pores
Part 5: Applying oils, varnishes, paint, shellac, lacquer and waterbase finishes, by hand, by brush and by spray, and rubbing out the final surface

294 pages, hardcover.

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Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

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Easy to follow, good pictures and diagrams. :)

By MicahH from tasmania australia
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, February 03, 2012

Great Book! I haven't finished it yet, there is heaps of detail! Everything from wood preparation, working environment and temperature, ventilation, disposal and recycling of thinners and oils etc. Though I was expecting to find something on airbrushing. Nonetheless I will definitely be keeping this one!

finishing Nirvana !

By Triskel Workshop from Antwerp, Belgium
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, January 22, 2012

I just gave myself the perfect gift when buying this very complete, nicely illustrated guide to guitar glamour !!!


By Dr. Don from Melbourne, Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a gem! Jeff Jewitt says this book should be on the work bench with the stains and sawdust but it is too lavish a production for that treatment. With its great color photos, explanatory diagrams and practical hints it should be an essential guide for anyone interested in obtaining the best finish on woodwork, whether natural oil, lacquer, French polish or other alternatives.

While not specifically for musical instrument finishing it has a wealth of information on tools & equipment, surface preparation and finishing techniques which apply to any woodwork project. It's written in an easy style, with a nice mix of theory and practical know-how and is easy to navigate with cross-referencing to other sections of the book. Great value for money.

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