Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects

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Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects

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Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects

By Tom Hughes
The ultimate stomp box reference for guitar gearheads!

"Everything you ever wanted to know about effects pedalsàand then some."
—Analog Tom Hughes, author

"All the cool pedals you wish you had!" —Erick Coleman, StewMac tech advisor

"It's just the greatest book on pedals." —Joe Satriani

The most complete resource to the origins, history and development of classic effects units: reverb, echo, tremolo, fuzz, vibrato, treble/bass boosters, wah-wahs, flangers and more. Includes tech tips and trivia, plus interviews with pioneering effects makers and engineers.

Analog Man's directory of vintage effects showcases over 150 manufacturers and their products. Boutique makers and do-it-yourselfers are not forgotten, either!

Contents in brief:
The Prehistoric Era: Theremin, spring reverb, Leslie, tremolo, vibrato and echo machines
Early Transistorized Effects: fuzz boxes, treble/bass boosters and wah-wahs
The Golden Age: Electro-Harmonix, Maestro, MXR, Mu-Tron, Colorsound, Vox, Univox, Morley, Ross, Systech, Boss, Ibanez and more
Effects Technology: how they work
Directory of Vintage Effects: over 150 manufacturers and their products
Color photo gallery of classic effects
State of the Stomp Today: boutique effects makers and do-it-yourselfers
Hen's Teeth: rare and collectible effects
Vintage Effects Hall of Fame
Frequently Asked Questions
Interviews: Mike Matthews of Electro-Harmonix, Keith Barr of MXR, and Roger Mayer of Analogue Guitar Effects
Gurus of Gear: Interviews with design engineers David Cockerell, Fumio Mieda, Richard Neatrour, Rich Walborn, Doug Talley, Howard (Mick) Davis, Pete Cornish and Jeorge Tripps

Softcover; 288 pages plus 16-page color photo gallery.

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This book is the holy grail of all vintage effects. It's an essential reference for all guitar players. You just NEED it. I've been collecting guitars, amps and effects pedals for 13 years. I also have dozens of books about various types of gear, and I just have to say this is THE BEST book on effects ever written, bar none. And believe me, I have a lot!! "Analog Man's guide to Vintage Effects" covers everything you could ever want to know about the subject, from history to technical info and everything in between. Tons of great interviews too. And the writing is so well done I literally couldn't put it down. You got to admit, even if you are into this stuff, some of those guitar and amp books can be a little stuffy and boring. But this book had me totally mesmerized. It's chock full of photos that are just breathtaking and the whole thing really elevates the "lowly" stompbox to the level of 50's and 60's Fenders and Gibsons. This thing is just jam packed with so much great info. I thought I was pretty knowledgable about effects, but I was learning something new on just about every other page. I would HIGHLY recommend this book not just to people into effects, but to every guitar player, electronic musician, producer, recording engineer, etc., etc. You get the idea. This book is FANTASTIC

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