Build Your Own Electric Guitar

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Build Your Own Electric Guitar

By Paul Balmer
The best guide to choosing, assembling, wiring and setting up a custom "parts" guitar.

High quality guitar necks, bodies and components have never been more readily available. Before you launch your first solidbody guitar assembly project, grab this book! Whether you're starting with a prefinished neck and body, or spraying your own finish, this is the best guide to choosing, assembling, wiring and setting up a custom "parts" guitar.

Build Your Own Electric Guitar is the ideal guide to bringing together high quality pre-finished components for the guitar of your dreams. Excellent color photos and instructions detail each step of the assembly and setup process.

Contents in brief:
Introduction by Brian May
Features of the classic solidbody guitar
Choosing the body, neck, hardware and pickups
Hand tools and safety tips
Neck, bridge and tremolo installation
Making a nut
Wiring the guitar: single-coil and humbucking pickup arrangements
Installing piezo saddles
Using an unfinished neck and body: spraying a lacquer finish
Custom peghead shaping
Setups: neck alignment, truss rod, nut, bridge, intonation and shielding
Options: hardtail conversion,Tremsetter installation, relic hardware finishing
Four project solidbodies: '50s style, '60s style, modern quilt-top, and "dark side" custom
Case study: Brian May's homebuilt "Red Special"
Interviews: Guitar tech Pete Malandrone and luthier Andrew Guyton
Case study: Bo Diddley's unique Gretsch Electromatic
Step-by-step instructions for making a cigar box guitar

160 pages, hardcover. 2013

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