Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Two, 1988-1990

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Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Two, 1988-1990

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Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Two, 1988-1990

The early years of American Lutherie magazine compiled into one conveniently indexed hardcover volume.

From the Guild of American Luthiers, this massive collection is a treasure-trove of technical and how-to essays on the art and science of lutherie: tools, wood, construction and repair techniques, finishes, glues, history, and more, plus several detailed instrument plans. Articles are indexed by topic and by author.

The Big Red Books of Lutherie are built to last, with quality binding and hard covers. They're made to be used, too, and will lie open on your workbench. Each volume is 524 pages.

Volume Two contains American Lutherie issues #13-24 from 1988-1990).

•   Voicing the steel string guitar by Dana Bourgeois
•   Making mandolins with Steve Andersen
•   W.D. Allen on air resonance
•   Air resonance by W.D. Allen
•   Larrivee factory tour
•   Al Stancel on violin cracks
•   French polishing with Burton, Byers, Steinegger, and Vineyard
•   String bass design by Fred Lyman
•   Pickup design by Tim Shaw
•   Lute making by Lawrence D. Brown
•   Small-shop lutherie in Japan
•   Fretted dulcimer design by Bonnie Carol
•   Guitar acoustics by Tom Rossing
•   The Strad mystique
•   Violin varnish by Geary Baese
•   New classical guitar family
•   Mandolin orchestra history
•   Folk harp design by R.L. Robinson
•   D'Addarrio strings tour
•   A new mandolin family
•   Violin varnish by Michael Darnton
•   American patent zithers
•   Detailed drawings of D'Angelico New Yorker, prima balalaika, Loar F-5 mandolin, hammered dulcimer, Baroque guitar, low-cost double bass, and Irish bouzouki
•   Meet makers Manuel Davila, Robert Lundberg, Hammond Ashley, H.E. Huttig, Hermann Hauser II, Victor Gardener, Fred Lyman, Les Paul, Frank "Andy" Johnson, Ralph Rabin, Stewart Pollens, Dana Bourgeois, Hartley Peavey, and Ivo Pires

Note: The series of articles by Robert Lundberg on Historical Lute Construction which appeared in American Lutherie #12-38 does not appear in the Big Red Book series. Lundberg's book is available here.

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An essential reference

(Customer's Reviews)

Jam packed with sound advice, guides, reviews, interviews, tid bits, diagrams and history on all aspects of luthery, the (so far) 5 volumes of the Big Red Book represent an excellent reference section in your library and are interesting to just idly thumb through the pages as well as for addressing a specific problem. Regardless of whether you are a maker of guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, lutes (etc) these books are a fantastic way to educate yourself and further your skills and knowledge in the field. (PS- guitar in pic is Tasmanian Blackwood, L-00)


Worth having

(Customer's Reviews)

These books are GREAT !!! I have all of them !


Must have books

(Customer's Reviews)

These books are loaded with useful information. Lots of great articles and panel discussions by some of the greatest builders of the last 20-30 years.

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