Grover Champion Deluxe Ukulele Pegs

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Nickel, Set of 4

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Grover Champion Deluxe Ukulele Pegs

About This Item

Champion friction pegs for fine ukuleles. A thumbscrew on top of the knob adjusts tension. Knurled, pressure fit parts for smooth tuning.

Fits peghead thicknesses of 5/16" to 1/2" thick (7.94mm to 12.70mm).

5/16"-diameter (7.94mm) pegholes required.

Nickel with cream plastic knobs. Set of 4.

For appearance and proper function, pegholes should be chamfered for the top washer and the rear housing. We have just the right countersink bit for cutting this chamfer.

Note: Our replacement knobs will not fit these pegs.

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