Waverly Ukulele Tuners

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Legendary precision, now for ukes! Unique Waverlys that fit right, look great, and bring precise tuning to fine ukuleles.

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Waverly Ukulele Tuners With curly koa knobs

With curly koa knobs

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Waverly Ukulele Tuners With ebony knobs

With ebony knobs

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Legendary precision, now for ukes! Unique Waverlys that fit right, look great, and bring precise tuning to fine ukuleles.

Waverlys with shorter, uke-length string posts
Luthiers and talented players no longer have to settle for ill-fitting guitar machines in sets that leave two unused tuners, or for off-the-shelf uke tuners that sacrifice performance for economy. Now you can have the same acclaimed reliability, smoothness and precision that make Waverly tuners the first choice of top luthiers for their best instruments.

Handsome wood knobs
Sets of 2-left / 2-right, with beautiful curly koa or ebony knobs that complement traditional ukulele woods.

Smoother, more efficient tuning. Waverly's renowned 16:1 gear mechanism is second to none. Waverly tuners feature a proven, precisely machined design ensuring accurate, efficient gear alignment. Nylon worm gear bushings enhance the smooth feel. The result: looseness is eliminated—your instrument plays in tune and stays in tune.

Longer life with less wear. Waverly's stainless steel worm gear and machined bronze alloy string post gear are more durable than the brass gears used in other tuners.

Choice of beautiful polished solid ebony or curly koa knobs.
Sturdy steel baseplates with authentic 1930s footprint.
String posts are 1.01" x .236"-diameter brass (25.7mm x 6.0mm) to fit solid ukulele pegheads up to 9/16" (14.3mm) thick.
Press-fit brass bushings fit 21/64"-diameter (8.3mm) pegholes.
Mounting screws included.

Luthiers, get the right fit easily: Our slow-speed Bushing Reamer cuts the correct .328" counterbore for trouble-free installation of Waverly press-fit ukulele peghead bushings.

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Waverly Ukulele Tuners

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Unsurpassed Quality

By Doug Raineault from Middletown, CT
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 20, 2014

If you are doing a high end ukulele, these are the crowning touch. The tuners are hand made and work flawlessly. The finish plating is excellent.

Waverly Ukulele Tuning Machines

By MJ Franks from Rochester Hills, MI
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, November 29, 2013

I like to think of Waverlys as the "Rolex" of tuners!

Quality to tune in

By Janne K from Oulu, Finland
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, August 24, 2013

I installed these with koa knobs in my all koa concert ukulele. They have smooth operation and very sharp looks. The shafts are considerably longer than in Grovers, so don't make your headstock too thin!

Top of the line uke tuner.

By Chuck Moore from Hawaii
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 14, 2013

While I appreciate the excellent quality, I really wish they would eliminate the "jewelry box" packaging and save the customer a few bucks. Otherwise the tuners are smooth as butter with zero backlash as you would expect. I deducted a star for the wasteful packaging. I also wish they were available in a gold finish.

Quality USA made tuners

By Old Tucson Jack from Seward, NE
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, May 09, 2012

While you can purchase decent ukulele tuners for considerably less money, you would be hard pressed to beat the quality of these Waverly tuners. I use these on all of my high end ukes.

Happy customer

By Perretta Guitars from Mesquite, Texas
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 23, 2012

My customer has several tenor guitars that he tunes in the reentrant fashion common to ukes. He and I spotted these machines on the StewMac site about the same time. I ordered a set and installed them on his Gretsch American. He was thrilled with the results. Great product!

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