Schaller Replacement Knobs

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Schaller Replacement Knobs Small pearloid, set of 6

Small pearloid, set of 6

Item # 3056
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Schaller Replacement Knobs Small ebony, set of 6

Small ebony, set of 6

Item # 3058
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Schaller Replacement Knobs Large pearloid, set of 6

Large pearloid, set of 6

Item # 3057
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3 or more $14.18
Schaller Replacement Knobs Large ebony, set of 6

Large ebony, set of 6

Item # 3059
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3 or more $21.92
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Schaller Replacement Knobs

About This Item

Give your Schaller tuners a new look! Reduce weight at the headstock on a neck-heavy guitar.

Set of 6 knobs including screws: pearloid knobs come with chrome screws, ebony knobs have gold screws.

Note: These knobs will not fit Grover, Gotoh, or Sperzel tuners.

#3056 Small pearloid knobs fit Schaller M-6 Mini Guitar Machines and Schaller 6-inline Locking Tuners
0.551" tall x 0.733" across

#3058 Small ebony knobs fit Schaller M-6 Mini Guitar Machines and Schaller 6-inline Locking Tuners
0.551" tall x 0.740" across

#3057 Large pearloid knobs fit Schaller M-6 Guitar Machines and Schaller Locking Tuners
0.673" tall x 0.915" across

#3059 Large ebony knobs fit Schaller M-6 Guitar Machines and Schaller Locking Tuners
0.650" tall x 0.906" across

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fit perfect !


i ordered these for a 2016 american strat. they fit perfect on the stock ping tuners, classy look, went very good with olympic white and maple finger board.


Black Replacement Knobs

(Customer's Reviews)

5 out of 6 worked first try. One bad knob was quickly (and I mean quickly) replaced by Stewart McDonald and worked perfectly. No additional cost was incurred. Thanks.


It Will Brighten Up Your Strat , If You Buy Small !!

(Customer's Reviews)

OK , so if you paid attention to the title , and own a Fender Strat , then you now know to order the small ones.

I can find no fault in these knobs , I wish they were the real deal , but they look the same. ( real shell knobs would cost much more , and would need to be custom made )

A tip:

DO NOT remove old knobs without taking the tension the tension off of the machines , I did one at a time and would not suggest you do all at once.

Once you remove the old knob be careful not to lose the spring washer or nylon washer that should still be on the machine post , use the original screw. ( keep the others for a spare , they might fit ).

DO NOT TIGHTEN , only snug when installing the new knobs , they will tighten themselves when you bring the string back up to pitch.

If you own any other strat like guitar , I can not say if they will fit , they should.

I have a Fender American Deluxe Strat SSS /w locking tuners , and the knobs were a perfect fit , also they have a better feel to then than the metal ones.

For the price , you really can`t go wrong , great mod cheap price !!

The only fault I could find is that StewMac should have included some sort of minor instruction sheet , similar to the tips I have written ( but now they don`t have too ! , lucky S-M ).

In the end , good product , makes my Strat even sweeter.

Good place to buy guitar stuff , I will be using then again has I have in the past , and tracking was included and the were mailed USPS 1st Class and arrived in 5 days.

Now , make some noise !! :)

Gary ?


Great Knobs!!

(Customer's Reviews)

Put these on a set of my Hipshot locking tuners and they fit and look great. Great quality and easy installation. A++


Ebony Schaller Tuner Buttons - part 3058

(Customer's Reviews)

Look and finish is superb. Fit is accurate enough, though not convincingly snug, like other buttons & tuners can be. If I don't over-torque the button while tuning, it grabs the tuner fine and I can tune my string. Good enough! My guitar is a 1998 Godin ST1, which used a strange Schaller tuner no longer found today. The little peg that the button sits on had the normal shaved circle shape, but also had a hexagonal sleeve that sat on it. So, the original Schaller buttons for this tuner had a hexagonal hole to fit that sleeve. Not good! Nobody supplied the buttons with the hexagonal holes any more - including Godin. The replacement is the far-left button seen in my uploaded picture. StewMac saved the day!


Small Pearloid Tuning  Knobs

(Customer's Reviews)

I removed the brand new gold knobs that came with the tuners and installed these pearloid knobs. They're much nicer than the gold in that they don't show smudge marks and look beautiful. I don't know why they don't come standard on gold tuners.


Very good!

(Customer's Reviews)

Fits well. I replaced metal knobs on my original Schaller tuners. It was good upgrade and noticeably weight reduce.


Ebony replacement knobs for Taylor guitar.

(Customer's Reviews)

I have a Taylor acoustic guitar with ebony tuning knobs. One of them broke recently, and Taylor doesn't seem to use them anymore, or carry them in stock. I did some research and found out that Schaller knobs are a suitable replacement. I got a set of Schaller ebony knobs from Stew-Mac and replaced the broken one on the Taylor. It works great. Thanks.


Nice match with Fender keys

(Customer's Reviews)

Since I knew my Fender Tele keys are manufactured by Schaller, this one fitted. These knobs give us not only greater look but improve the balance also when I shoulder it with a strap. I recommend this (or ebony knob) to who feels his or her guitar head is a bit heavy.


Yippie I solved my broken tuner button problem

(Customer's Reviews)

My Larrivee P-10 MQ came with ebony Larrivee tuners and one broke. Larrivee no longer has them so I searched all over for replacements and came up empty. But I finally found a hit on the Internet that said the Sheller tuners worked perfectly for my Larrivee. I ordered a set and must say they are an exact replacement in fit and color. I really like the ebony buttons more than the standard chrome buttons and Larriee no longer offers the ebony so I am greatfull that I found these. On some Larrivee models you will have to remove the tapered collar that the old keys fit but you just slide it off to expose the acutal shaft.

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