Keystone Tuner Knobs Single-ring


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Keystone Tuner Knobs Double-ring


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Installing tuner knobs

Dan Erlewine replaces rotted old tuner knobs, and shows a neat trick with a drill press!

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Replace cracked and crumbling knobs on old tuning machines with these restoration single-ring and double-ring plastic knobs. Vintage color. Sold individually.

  Single-ring  Double-ring 
Length  13/16" (20.57mm)  1" (25.42mm) 
Width (max.)  11/16" (17.60mm)  23/32" (18.08mm) 
Shaft hole  7/64" x 9/64"
(2.77mm x 3.71mm) 
With rounded ends
7/64" x 9/64"
(2.77mm x 3.71mm) 
With rounded ends
Hole depth  25/64" (10.11mm) 1/2" (12.7mm)

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Replacing damaged tuner knobs

This week, Dan's got a 1957 Les Paul Junior in his shop. It hasn't been out of the case in 25 years, and the tuners are unusable. Here's how to put new knobs on old tuners.

Product Instructions

Vintage Tuner Knobs

Instructions for installing replacement Vintage Tuner Knobs, including how to remove old tuner knobs.

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Keystone Tuner Knobs

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