Grover Mini Locking Rotomatics (406 Series) 3+3 Tuners

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Grover Mini Locking Rotomatics (406 Series) 3+3 Tuners Chrome


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Grover Mini Locking Rotomatics (406 Series) 3+3 Tuners

About This Item

Rotomatic® tuners that automatically lock the string as you tune. For 3-left/3-right pegheads.

Internal-cam locking string posts and 18:1 fine tuning are built into Rotomatic midsize cast housings to fit 3-left/3-right pegheads. As you tune, the post automatically locks the string. You'll need fewer string wraps, change strings faster, and your tremolo will have more accurate return-to-pitch.
Also available for 6-in-line pegheads.

These midsize Rotomatic tuners feature compact metal knobs with adjustable tension, lifetime sealed lubrication, and 18:1 gear ratio for fine tuning. Sets of 6.

Mounting screws and threaded hex peghead bushings with washers are included.
10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes required.

Installation Tips

Mounting screws: Pilot holes required. Installing delicate screws into hard wood requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend the #1712 Depth-stop Drill Bit (5/64" bit) for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.

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'62 Epi lockers

(Customer's Reviews)

Read the instructions! They work great but it wasn't enough to keep my Crestwood Custom in tune with my Washburn wonderbar trem unit. I got a locking nut from Kahler, cut tiny pieces of feeler gauges, .003, ..008, and .010 to compensate for string diameter with 2 to each Allen screw, glued them in place with superglue, and I can now dive 2 octaves on the fat E with no tuning necessary! I'll probably put them on my '72 D-18, which has the regular mini Grover's.


Excellent drop in replacement for PRS SE 245

(Customer's Reviews)

Direct drop in replacement tuners for prs se guitars. I might put these onto my prs baritone also once I confirm the max string size that these can take.


Awesome tuners for the Traveler Sportster guitar!

(Customer's Reviews)

I had recently purchased a Traveler Sportster guitar as a nice addition to my collection. As most owners may or may not know that even though this guitar is well-built,the Achilles Heel of this guitar is the tuners. The original tuners looked pretty good, but they slipped so much that I had to tune it constantly. I looked online to see what other Traveler owners did to remedy this & found that they suggested using Grover Mini Locking tuners. After I received them from Stew-Mac, I installed them onto the guitar. The whole operation took me 45 mins, as I was being very careful not to mess up. The tuners fit perfectly. I had to mount the tuners at a slight angle so the screw-eyes would have some room to screw into the wood. The tuning is now rock solid. Figuring out how to lock the strings is a breeze,thanks to the nice detailed instructions included. I highly suggest any owner of the awesome Traveler Guitar to ditch the stock tuners & get a set of these locking tuners. This is probably the best mod for these guitars.

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