Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

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Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

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Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

About This Item

Locking versions of the classic oval knob, stamped housing tuners found on vintage Fender® guitars. For 6-in-line pegheads.

6-in-line locking tuners that are the perfect upgrade for old or new Fenders with "Kluson-style" tuners — they're a direct retrofit!

These fine reproductions feature old style stamped gear housings, but have modern improved 15:1 gearing for smoother, more precise action.

All sets include mounting screws and round press-fit peghead bushings. Peghole spacing is 4-11/16" (119.06mm). 11/32" (8.73mm)-diameter pegholes required. Please note that 3 of the tuners have a green decal on the back of the machine. These 3 machines have a smaller diameter string hole, and are to be used with the unwound (G,B,E) strings.


Installation Tips

Bushings: We recommend the #2062 Bushing Reamer (.340" diameter) to cut a clean, accurate counterbore for a professional job. Fit the press-fit tuner bushings correctly so your tuners will work smoothly.

Mounting screws: Pilot holes required. Installing delicate screws into hard wood requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend the #1713 Depth-stop Drill Bit (No.44 bit) for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.

Use #2062 Reamer to install these bushings:

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Product Instructions

String Mounting Instructions for Locking Guitar Tuning Machines

Instructions for stringing Locking guitar Tuning Machines.

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Perfect upgrade.

(Customer's Reviews)

Same quality and styling as the "Saf-T-Post" tuners that came in my Telecaster, no modifications required for the installation. Can't beat that.



(Customer's Reviews)

These look vintage and that is nice. The locking mechanism is poor, basically a sleeve you screw down onto the post of the tuner. It can very easily get lost and requires a screwdriver. The slot heads are shallow and the slot edges quickly become chewed up. Save your money. Also no lefty.


Stiff and not the same as Fender packaged Gotoh.

(Customer's Reviews)

First off, these came in a generic plastic bag, and say Gotoh nowhere. The action of the tuners was stiff and inconsistent from one tuner to the other.

As for sizing, I bought these for my Fender American Vintage '59. They would not fit with the existing bushings because the post is narrower than the stock vintage tuner. The bushings that came with the Gotoh were to small and deep to install in the Fender without plugging the holes and redrilling them.

I ended up getting the Fender branded Gotoh and the bushings that came with them were the right size to install in the Fender neck without modification. Also, the Fender branded were less stiff and more consistent.


Great, quick, easy and cheap.

(Customer's Reviews)

I put this on a Classic Vibe 60s neck. I had read the reviews and so I knew that with the Kluson style vintage tuners I had on them only these would fit without having to do any adjustments.

Indeed, I knew that I would have to heat up the original bushings to get them out of the Classic Vibe and then route larger holes to fit any of the heavy duty locking tuners.

I had also read the warnings about the poor quality screws which come with this product so I forewarned I was also forearmed.

I installed these leaving the original bushings in and reusing the original screws.

Ridiculously simple and a perfect fit for this type of guitar. Changing strings on a conventional guitar is more difficult than INSTALLING these new locking tuners.

They work great for mind tremolo work but I would probably feel better with some of the heavier duty lockers if I were doing lots of dive bombs. These tuners also don't add any mass to the headstock like the more expensive ones do, so you don't benefit from the improved sustain which MIGHT come along with that extra mass. - But then again you aren't losing anything from your conventional tuners either.

I would recommend these to anyone looking for quick string changing and a bit better stability for conservative tremolo work.

I would add that, for me, installing a graphtech nut made greater difference in tuning stability than did the locking tuners.


Great tuners

(Customer's Reviews)

I just wish to tell you that these tuners where a perfect fit in my Fender Modern Player Stratocaster and they seem to be working very well. I did not even have to change the bushings or to drill anything, just perfekt. Thanks! :-)


Nice Replacements

(Customer's Reviews)

Ordered these for MIM Fender Reissue neck. Fit in to existing footprint. I didn't have any trouble with the screws as mentioned in other reviews, so perhaps they addressed that problem. After I installed the tuners I used a peg winder to "loosen" the them. That seems to have worked. Tuners are relatively good at keeping in the guitar in tune. You need to be aware that the locking mechanisms will fall off if you don't keep track of them during string changes. That caught our tech by surprise.


ok..not great

(Customer's Reviews)

i replaced factory installed tuners with these. it was a small improvement but the tuners are (1) too hard to turn (2) not precise enough for my ear. i de-installed them and replaced with gotoh mini-510's...


Best locking tuners I've ever used.

(Customer's Reviews)

And I've tried nearly all of them at one time or another. Beside the fact that they look nearly identical to the real vintage Fender machine heads, their locking mechanism is ingenious: no tools, screws or other separate string-locking mechanisms are involved. Simply slide the string into the hole (which in this case is vertical, not horizontal like on the originals) and turn the tuner until the string is taught. Snip off the string ends and tune. What could be simpler? I love these and plan to replace all of my Fender-style tuners with these lockers. A must-try unless you prefer bigger turning ratios, which are these tuners' only downside ù and a very minor one at that.


Perfect Replacement

(Customer's Reviews)

These tuners fit perfectly in the existing holes and using the original trim collars and screws. Made the tuner replacement into a simple task.


look great but hard to turn

(Customer's Reviews)

I got these for my Tele parts-o-caster which is mid-60's inspired. As much as possible, I am choosing parts that have a vintage look but with modern functionality. These tuners are just the ticket! I had no problem installing them, drill the right size holes and you won't break the screws. My only issue with these tuners is that they are very difficult to turn. Fortunately, since they are locking, they don't need to be turned very much. Maybe there is a way to lube these suckers.

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