Golden Age Vintage-style 3-on-Plate Tuners

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Golden Age Vintage-style 3-on-Plate Tuners Nickel


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Golden Age Vintage-style 3-on-Plate Tuners Relic Nickel

Relic Nickel

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Golden Age Vintage-style 3-on-Plate Tuners Gold


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Golden Age Vintage-style 3-on-Plate Tuners

About This Item

Golden Age tuners are available exclusively from StewMac, made with our expert eye for details and exact specifications. These are authentic reproductions of an iconic 50s tuning machine.

New tuners with vintage appeal:the distressed look of the Relic Nickel plating is perfect for repairing old guitars, when shiny new hardware just won't do.

Original-shape cream plastic knobs. Knobs on the relic nickel tuners have a matte finish.

  • 15:1 gear ratio
  • 1-3/8" (34.93mm) string post spacing
  • 11/32" (8.73mm) diameter pegholes required
  • Press-fit peghead bushings
  • Mounting screws included

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    • 4099
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    • 4099-G
    • 0.310 lbs. (0.14 kg)
    • 4099-RN
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Fit, finish and function are great


Verified Buyer

I bought these tuners to replace the worn out tuners on my fiancé's Gibson ES-120T. Her dad bought her the guitar when she was a child, and she's had it ever since. The original tuners had catches and dead spots and it generally felt like there was sand in the gears. I chose not to get the 3-on-plate tuners of more modern construction that would require counter-boring the headstock from the back. This item is a drop-in replacement. The screw holes might have been the tiniest bit off, but I inserted all 4 and tightened them gradually so the plate pulled straight down. The gear ratio seems a little higher than the originals, which is a welcome change. The guitar now stays in tune quite well during and between playing sessions. The tuners look exactly like the originals. We are both very pleased.


Look original and perform well


Verified Buyer

Very pleased with the appearance and performance of these tuners.


Look good work poorly


Verified Buyer

These look really nice but the internal mechanism is loose and do not hold tuning very well.

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