Waverly F-style Mandolin Machines with Pearl Knobs

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Waverly F-style Mandolin Machines with Pearl Knobs Satin silver

Satin silver

Item # 6050
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Waverly F-style Mandolin Machines with Pearl Knobs Satin gold

Satin gold

Item # 6050-G
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Waverly F-style Mandolin Machines with Pearl Knobs Bright nickel

Bright nickel

Item # 6052
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Waverly F-style Mandolin Machines with Pearl Knobs

About This Item

"Simply the best you can get." — David Grisman
Our uncompromising design features patented threaded worm tension bushings that eliminate looseness, for maximum tuning efficiency.

The precision-machined stainless steel worm gears, bronze alloy string post gears and 16:1 gear ratio assure smooth, accurate tuning.

Performing artists stay in tune with Waverly:
“The best tuners in the world.” — Chris Thile
“They have changed my life.” — Sam Bush
“The frequent need for retuning during a show is gone.” — Ronnie McCoury
"I love Waverly tuners. The keys move with ease and hold strong, two important qualities we must have to perform night after night. I have Waverly tuners on all my mandolins. I wouldn't want to use anything else. They are the best!" — Rhonda Vincent

Ultra-smooth operation, precise, reliable tuning, long life and classic beauty.

Each handsome engraved baseplate is now computer-machined from a single brass billet, for lighter weight with unwavering stability.

Standard spacing measures 29/32" (.906") between each string post.

String post diameter: .236"
Required peghole diameter: 21/64 or .328"

Each set includes:
• Pair of 4-left, 4-right tuning machines
• Knurled press-fit brass peghead bushings
• Mounting screws

Installation Tips

Peghole spacing: Plate-mounted tuners can't work efficiently if the pegholes are improperly drilled. Our Mandolin Peghead Drill Jig ensures precise 29/32" spacing for accurate alignment.

Bushings: Get the right fit! Use our slow-speed #2061 Bushing Reamer (.328" diameter) to cut a clean, accurate counterbore for a professional job.

Mounting screws: Pilot holes required. Installing delicate screws into hard wood requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend the #1712 Depth-stop Drill Bit (5/64" bit) for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.



Product Instructions

Waverly Mandolin Machines

Tips for installing Waverly mandolin tuning machines.

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Very High Quality But Pricey


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There are no negative issues with these tuners, they are excellent in both appearance and functionality. .

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