Golden Age Restoration Tuners for A-style Mandolin

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The early 1900s look is reborn! Long-awaited replacements for the A-style tuners used by Gibson and other makers from the 1910s until 1925.

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for A-style Mandolin Relic nickel, cream knobs

Relic nickel, cream knobs

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for A-style Mandolin Bright nickel, cream knobs

Bright nickel, cream knobs

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for A-style Mandolin Relic nickel, ivoroid knobs

Relic nickel, ivoroid knobs

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The early 1900s look is reborn! Long-awaited replacements for the A-style tuners used by Gibson and other makers from the 1910s until 1925.

The "worm gear under string post" configuration and wider vintage post spacing is ideal for restoring older mandolins and improving their tuning, and for making modern replica instruments more authentic. Our relic nickel finish version has the right look to complement vintage hardware.

"People who build replica instruments or who do restoration or repair work are just going to love these."
—Frank Ford, vintage instrument repair expert

Special note about string spacing! These tuners feature historically-correct (1910s-1925) .931" string post spacing. This is wider than standard .906" (29/32") spacing. Please measure your mandolin's string post spacing before you order.

Steel baseplates feature the original early 1900s shape, incised "tread stripes," and vintage-style square riveted worm supports. Each set includes 4-left / 4-right tuners with 1920s-style mounting screws and press-fit peghead bushings.

Gear ratio 15:1
Bushing diameter .283" (7.19mm)
String post diameter 0.236" (6mm)
String post spacing Early 1920s .931" (23.65mm)

These replica tuners have special spacing for vintage Gibson and other makes before World War II. Please be aware that our standard spacing drill jig will not align accurate holes for these tuners.

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for A-style Mandolin

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just right

By Jacob Hawkins from Columbus, OH
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Like the other reviewers, I'm very happy Stew-Mac put these out. Work great on my '22 A4 and am currently modifying a set for a '15 F2. Thanks guys.

They've been needed for a long time

By Geoff Bobbitt from Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, December 26, 2010

I've been fixing up old mandolins for a while now, these are the only "new", "off the shelf" tuners I have found that will replace pre 1925 tuners. The lower gearing is a bonus. Well done.

What took so long?

By f5mando from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got these for my snakehead, and they're a prefect fit. They look right, and don't load extra weight to the peg head. A flat-head, black screw for the drive cog would have made these perfect. I needed these twenty years ago. Why did it take until now to get a worm-under-gear configured replacement? My next wish is for the F-style tuners like this. I wouldn't use anything else if these were available.

Very disappointing

By Rob from Vermont
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I waited a long time for these tuners to come out. Unfortunately the tuner bushings are to big and don't fit the teens Gibson A models they were supposedly designed for. My A4 is pristine and I refuse to ream out the peg head holes which would mean that the original Handel tuners could never be reinstalled. Stew Mac - what were you thinking?

It's about time

By Jim Jeans from LAWRENCE, KS
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Having restored over a dozen old Gibson Mandolins I am elated that someone finally solved the problem of how to keep these great sounding mandolins in tune. I have them on two 1917 mandolins and they fit, look and tune great. There is a problem with bushing being too large on mandolins from the twenties although the post spacing is correct. Perhaps Stew Mac could develop golden age style tuners with this same post spacing but the look of the Loar era tuners. Short of that, if they produced slightly smaller bushings, these tuners would work great on Loar era instruments even if they look like pre Loar tuners.- Great job Stew Mac

Golden Age Restoration Mandolin Tuners

By guitartracker from Texas
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am very happy with these tuners. I put 'em on a '17/'18 A Gibson. They work very, very well. Based on my recommendation, a friend of mine put them on a '22 A-4. He likes them a lot, too. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have an old mando that stays in tune; what a concept! The tuners were easy to install, but I would still let a luthier do it. Here's why: On the '22, the new tuner bushings were .003" larger than the originals. It took 10 minutes to ream out the holes in the headstock. Still, I would have been bad to try and 'force' fit those bushings into the post-holes. I would hate to start even the smallest of cracks on a 90 yr old Mando!! The only thing that bugs me is that the post shafts on the Golden Age tuners are significantly longer than the originals. To me, that means that unless I wind several more turns of the string on the post than I usually do, the breakover angle of the strings at the nut will be shallower, which changes the sound of the instrument (think of the difference in the sound of Gibson guitars with the 14 degree vs. 17 degree headstock pitch). Having said that, it's no big deal to add a couple more turns of string, is it? Thanks for a great, affordable product. You made it fun to play my mando again. The price was right, too!

Golden Age Tuners

By Liz Harvey from SC
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, September 17, 2010

Wow, I love these tuners on my 1917 Gibson A. No telling how many wonderful vintage mandolins can be now revived and played! Thanks for a great product.

A-style tuners

By T.L. Tombaugh from Albuquerque,NM
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Perfect fit and function on my 1921 Gibson A2 !

Great tuners!

By George Flink from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, September 03, 2010

These came out just when I was sure there were no reasonable choices for tuners for my Gibson 1923 A-2. They fit. They look right(relic nickle, cream buttons). They tune very well. thank you!

Wrong way tuners

By Alan Bond from Oakland, California
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, August 23, 2010

I love the new Golden Age tuners but beware that on old Gibson Snakehead mandolins they mount upside down and they tune backwards. Other then that they are a big improvement over the originals.

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