Steinberger Gearless Tuners

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Steinberger Gearless Tuners Chrome, Set of 6

Chrome, Set of 6

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Steinberger Gearless Tuners Black, Set of 6

Black, Set of 6

Item # 5460-B
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Steinberger Gearless Tuners Gold, Set of 6

Gold, Set of 6

Item # 5460-G
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Steinberger Gearless Tuners

Improved string locking and 40:1 tuning ratio! Steinberger's unique "straight-through" tuner has no gears, and an astounding 40:1 tuning ratio for unparalleled accuracy.

Straight string pull eliminates winding. The locking knob on top secures the string to prevent slippage. String installation is fast and easy, and the tuning action is impressively smooth. Set of 6, instructions included.

Single pin mount keeps tuner from rotating, no mounting screws needed.
Requires 10mm (13/32")-diameter pegholes.

Minimum headstock thickness: 9/16" (14.30mm)
Maximum headstock thickness: 43/64" (16.89mm)
Maximum string gauge: 0.060" (1.52mm).

Product Instructions

Steinberger Gearless Tuners Installation Instructions

How to assemble and install Steinberger Gearless Tuners.

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Perfect little gearless things!

(Customer's Reviews)

I've been using this tuners on a custom build 7 string and they're awesome! Really easy to get used, changing strings is a walk on the park and they're stable as hell! So, when a friend of mine brought me his broken headstock Epi, I remembered this guy in here that made an "odd" repair on his SG and I went nuts! So I bought the remains and ordered a set of chrome ones...
So, thank you for the inspiration! Mo, from Vancouver! :) El roto.


Best tuning mechanism

(Customer's Reviews)

I recently fitted a set of these tuners in my MIM Telecaster, and i have to say they work perfect. They have very good tuning stability and precision thanks to the gearless mechanism. I use .008 strings and tune up to F#. I hope they make a bass version some day.


Really clever innovation

(Customer's Reviews)

I have a "travel guitar" with a small headstock. It's a fine guitar but when fretting chords down at the first fret (Fmaj7, B9, etc.), my hand would always be hitting the tuning keys. These tuners eliminated that problem, with the added virtue of much much greater tuning stability and precision. The guitar stays in tune better and tuning is a pleasure: no backlash, no hit or miss back and forth. They are easy to install and highly effective. They have a sleek look. Very impressed.

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