Gotoh Vintage-style Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

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These fine reproductions feature old style stamped gear housings, but have modern improved 15:1 gearing for smoother, more precise action.

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Gotoh Vintage-style Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners Nickel


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Gotoh Vintage-style Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners Gold


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These fine reproductions feature old style stamped gear housings, but have modern improved 15:1 gearing for smoother, more precise action.

Set of 6-in-line.

The oval knobs on these tuners are just like the ones found on electric and acoustic guitars manufactured in the late 1940s to present.

Includes mounting screws and round press-fit peghead bushings. Peghole spacing is 4-11/16" (119.06mm). 11/32" (8.73mm)-diameter pegholes required.

Also available: Special conversion bushings for installing tuning machines into 3/8" or 10mm pegholes, without redrilling.

6-in-line locking tuners, which are the perfect upgrade for old or new Fenders with "Kluson-style" tuners — they're a direct retrofit!

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Gotoh Vintage-style Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

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Gotoh Vintage Oval Knob Tuners

By Martin from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, April 01, 2012

Great tuners and very good price!

Very good, solid tuning machines

By rickhal53 from Pembroke, MA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gotoh is a well known name within the guitar making industry. These tuning machines did the trick and look great doing it.

Best vintage tuners around

By nadzab from Maine, USA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, March 04, 2012

I've used these many times on new builds, and as upgrades...durable, stable and smooth tuners at a very good price.

Why I love these

By Kal from Aurora CO
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 05, 2012

I love these because with a simple procedure, they grab and wind up perfectly every time. Cut the string two tuners past the one one you're winding, put about a 1/3rd inch bend on the end, slip in the split post and down the hollow shaft, then wind while pressing the string down on the headstock with your finger for best angle to the nut--they wind perfectly everytime. Some locking tuners only have a little knob nowadays, you can barely get one wind--it's unsatisfying! Now if they improved these some more with sealed housings and perhaps a better mounting scheme they'd be superb.

Tried all the vintage "Kluson" style these are the best

By Marc Rutters from Vista California
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I use quite a few of these and had only one issue a pac had 2 top end tuners. I called StewMac on it and they sent a replacement no sweat but they charged me for it. No problems with the bushings most times I make my own for the 1950 look. The screws go in like a breeze no step drilling just use a bit o bees wax on the threads. Good product great price!

Best Value

By Brinjen from Darwin, NT, Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, August 06, 2011

For the dollars you really can't complain. Nice look, the split post design means no string stabs and they hold tune flawlessly.

Great Kluson reproduction

By Bob from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These are an accurate and well-built repro of the old Klusons. They work smoothly and stay in tune.

replacing standard Fender tuners

By Ali slowdrag Rae from Peebles Scotland
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Great fit for my 2008 tele, but bushes were too tight so had to file the holes out. Tuners are brilliant, going to put a set on my Strat now!

High quality, fair price

By timusic from Iowa
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've put these on every guitar I've built, they tune up smoothly and stay put once the strings are set.

Everything I've purchased thru Stew-Mac has been of the highest quality.

Love these tuners!

By Craig from Columbus, Ohio USA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, January 22, 2011

I purchased a set for a Tele build, and I like them so much I'm going to upgrade them to my Strat as well.

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