Grover 18:1 Sta-Tite Slotted Peghead Guitar Machines

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Grover Sta-Tite™ tuners are a modern version of a vintage design. For 3-left/3-right slotted pegheads. For steel-string guitars.

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Grover 18:1 Sta-Tite Slotted Peghead Guitar Machines Nickel, 3L/3R

Nickel, 3L/3R

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Grover 18:1 Sta-Tite Slotted Peghead Guitar Machines Gold, 3L/3R

Gold, 3L/3R

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Grover Sta-Tite™ tuners are a modern version of a vintage design. For 3-left/3-right slotted pegheads. For steel-string guitars.

Each tuner features 18:1 gear ratio for fine tuning, a cast baseplate, vintage style scalloped knobs, and nylon worm bearings and tension screw for smooth operation.

Set of 6 (3-left/3-right) with mounting screws. String posts are 1/4" (6.32mm) diameter.

Also available for solid pegheads.

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Grover 18:1 Sta-Tite Slotted Peghead Guitar Machines

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Excellent tunders

By Rick Gottlieb from Boston, MA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, August 05, 2011

I purchased these tuners to replace Taylor 12-fret tuners. They were cosmetically nicer and have a higher gear ratio making the tuning process that much finer.

A good choice

By spinality from Gardiner, WA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, July 03, 2011

These good quality but low-cost tuners worked out very well for me. They were going into an Aria MM10 gypsy guitar which had terrible tuners. These Grovers were an excellent upgrade. I had to grind off the ends of the D and G tuners (almost always necessary with the SelMac design, figure at least 1/16") but this was easily done with a b*stard file. I also had to ream out the peg holes a little. The screw holes conflicted a little bit with the existing holes, but this was easy to address by plugging the holes in question and redrilling.

The 18:1 gear ratio delivers very precise tuning, and it has made this problematic instrument very usable -- it's now my main acoustic stage guitar. I will get another couple of sets of these tuners for other instruments that could use better tuning.

grover stay tight tuners

By roger doss from iola texas
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, June 19, 2011

i installed the grover tuners on my dobro d60 they look real good and work very well a plus up grade.

Excellent quality

By Sergy from Aktobe, kz
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 23, 2011

These tuners superb!
I would recommend this to a friend.

Stay right w/Sta-Tite

By naboz from southern MI.
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 12, 2011

I had to replace some generic 3-on-a-plate slot-head tuners on a harp guitar. Then I found that another plate tuner set wouldn't fit b/c of the harp head.
I went to these next--as they had come recommended by a few other associates. They look even better than my original choice and the smooth turning 18:1 gears are great!

Fantastic value!!!

By bruceleerose from WI
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, April 06, 2011

If there's a better slothead tuner on the market for less than 2-3 times the price I haven't found it. I've installed a half dozen or so sets in "normal" applications and have always been well satisfied, but I've also drilled out the shafts and used these on various bass projects strung with the large (.155 low E) "weedwackes" now used on so many uprights with no problems at all. In fact, after noticing people on Hofner blogs recommending the solid peghead version as a replacement for the inferior tuners now supplied with the various import Hofner "Beatle" and Club basses, I gave them a try on a friend's Hofner Icon and found them not only a huge improvement, but also a direct drop-in replacement.

Grover Sta-Tite Slotted Peghead  Ukulele

By Wille from Carmichael, CA. USA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, March 11, 2011

The Grover Sta-Tite Slotted Peghead works great for the Tenor Ukulele. All you need to do is file the ends shorter so they will not hit together. The price is reasonable and they look sharp!

Thoroughly Recommended

By Ryan Robinson from Oxford
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 07, 2011

Bought to replace the stock Kluson style tuners on my Tanglewood TRP-73 Rosewood Reserve Parlour acoustic. Perfect fit straight out of the box, no bushings or modification needed.

These tuners have a really smooth, high-quality feel to them and hold their tune perfectly, not to mention looking very pleasing too. Thoroughly recommended.

Best value 

By Matt Dupre from Saint Amant, Louisiana, US
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 07, 2011

These tuners work great and look sweet!!

I would tell anyone to get them!! They are A bargain if you ask me. Installation was a small pain, but I got them in.

great tuners

By Brant from Boston, MA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 10, 2010

These tuners feel very smooth. The 18:1 ratio is much appreciated. You will probably need to order 2 sets of bushings if you're replacing existing tuners.

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