Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Square-end

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"People who build replica instruments or who do restoration or repair work are just going to love these." —Frank Ford, vintage instrument repair expert

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Square-end With matte cream knobs

With matte cream knobs

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Square-end With matte black knobs

With matte black knobs

Item # 2501-B
In stock, ready to ship!


3 or more $35.78
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"People who build replica instruments or who do restoration or repair work are just going to love these." —Frank Ford, vintage instrument repair expert

Pre-war style tuners reborn!
Our replica 3-on-plate tuners featuring square worm supports on rectangular steel plates. Their improved 15:1 gear ratio provides better tuning than the originals, and our popular relic nickel finish complements vintage hardware. Available with original-shape cream or black plastic knobs.

Golden Age tuners are exclusively from Stewart-MacDonald, made with our eye for details and exact specifications.

Golden Age tuners are the rebirth of popular early 20th Century tuning machine designs, featuring simple steel plates and open gears. Replacements for the originals have long been sought by collectors and repairmen, to restore older guitars and improve their tuning. They add an authentic look to reproduction guitars.

15:1 gear ratio for improved tuning
Vintage-style riveted worm supports
Original-shape matte cream or matte black plastic knobs
.236" (6.00mm) string post diameter
Original mounting screw spacing (screws incuded)
1-3/8" (34.93mm) string post spacing
Relic nickel finish

Also available to fit solid pegheads and for 12-string guitar.

Note: Plate-mounted tuners can't work efficiently if the pegholes are improperly aligned. Our Tuner Drill Jig ensures the correct spacing for accurate tuning.

"The Golden Age Restoration tuners are really great. I have just put them onto my 1929 Gibson L-1...I like the fact that someone went to the trouble of making them look right." —John Evans, Brussels Belgium

"Great tuners with the right look and feel! The only thing different about them is that they are better made and more functional." —Richard Barnes, Pomona CA

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Golden Age Restoration Tuners for Slotted Peghead Guitar - Square-end

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Golden Age Tuners

By Don1 from Adelaide, Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I've tried a few sets of Golden Age tuners now and have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I would not use them again. They look good, right on for a vintage style restoration or relic and the price is good. Unfortunately they just don't work well at all. There is a mountain of slack in the mechanism. When changing tunings you need at least three shots at it before the guitar will stay in tune.

vintage style tuners

By ed cunliff from Edmond OK
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 10, 2011

These tuners are great - they provide great quality at a reasonable price and give the vintage look appropriate for an older instrument.

finally, good quality and cool looking replacement tuners

By TonyKost from Winnipeg, MB Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, November 25, 2011

Howdy, I'm into restoring old parlor guitars and have used several sets of these. There is no alternative. The engraved ones are nice too!

Love these tuners!

By rkittma from Oakland, CA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 28, 2011

I recently purchased a now discontinued Fullerton parlor guitar on eBay. It was equipped with very "run of the mill" tuning machines... I wanted very much to maintain the vintage look and feel of a late 19th century Martin that the Fullerton was modeled after! And these Golden Age tuners really fit the bill! They function beautifully and as someone mentioned in an earlier review, the guitars resonance and timbre has even improved! Thank you Stewmac for carrying such a great product!

old gold tuners

By ron hyde from wa.
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I got the ivory knobs and they look a little transparent and fragile, time will tell. Love the post industrial finish, mechanically slick. Next time I'll go with black knobs. Fair price, installed on an old martin 000-18.

Great tuners

By GK Campbell, Luthier from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I recently completed a rebuild of a small French(?) Parlor guitar ca 1890-1910. I had a spare set of Waverly's but felt this little guitar needed to be understated. I wanted to keep the antique quality of the instrument. I found these Golden Age tuners and they fit the need perfectly. They're accurate, smooth, and solid. I couldn't be more pleased with them.

Thanks Stew-Mac


By Bill Moss from Boynton Beach, FL
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank you for the amazingly fast delivery of the Golden Age Restoration tuners I recently ordered. They could not have been easier to install, and fit as if they were made specifically for my Martin 000-15S. They look great, are very precise, and I immediately noticed an improvement in the guitar's volume and tone. An absolutely fantastic product!

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